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Natural Consequences, Discipline…or Punishment

What does discipline look like in your home?  You know that mistake of “please, grant me more patience?”  If you’ve seen Evan Almighty you may remember this scene: What “opportunities” for patience do you have going on in your own home?  I have to say, a huge “opportunity” is dealing with toddlers…and especially “threenagers”!  Yes, […]

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Communication, Connection, and Prioritizing – Where Is Your Spouse In Your Life?

communication priorities

In marriage…and in life…are you united or divided with your partner?  Communication is a tricky little thing that can be fickle and precise.  As I dive deep into “Laughter, Humble Pie & Lots of Sex” on my podcast, I want to tackle some issues that are coming up in the Mama Says Namaste FaceBook Group […]

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