Kudos to you for clicking on this tab.  I have a secret for you.  This secret is so, so important…yet many families have no idea what to do with it.  I want to share this with you – because I see you.  I feel you.  I’m a mama as well, and it’s time for you to be in the know.

I’ll share it soon – keep reading…

Have you ever said something like this:

Mama Says Namaste Coaching Sessions

You have an impact on every one around you.  That’s a lot of pressure!  As a mama, you have little ones looking to you for everything – not only to learn life skills but for how to handle the crazy emotions they are just now learning about.  In times of transition, especially, stress can bring out a side of ourselves that isn’t our shining moment.

Now that you have a family, you have to juggle taking care of yourselfconnecting with your spouse, and being the provider, nurturer, teacher, and everything to a bunch of little minions you call your own.  Work, personal health, mental/emotional/spiritual development, relationships…these are just a few of the balls up in the air, and, unless you are a professional juggler, it’s not uncommon for a ball to drop – especially the faster things move.

Those statements above are pain points.  They can make you feel like a failure.  Once again, you aren’t “supermom” and your life isn’t a pretty little Pinterest blog.   These statements become more and more of a reality and instead of that sweet little cherub you dreamed of having, you now have a house overrun by demanding children and a distant spouse.   You have escalated to a point of dread when you think of family vacation and trying to please everyone, and you find yourself just getting through each day instead of really enjoying it.

What a rut to be in.  But…it doesn’t have to be that way.

So…what’s the secret?

It Starts With You

You are reading this for a reason. 
You feel there is something missing.
You desire something more.

If you want to have the family that truly brings the “om” to hOMe, it’s time for you to step up to the plate.  Hear this:

Ashley Logsdon Mama Says Namaste Coaching

Who am I?  I’m a coach.  I’m not a therapist, a guru, or your knight in shining armor.  This is more than a friendship; I guide you through the honest truth and walk with you toward positive change.  We address the past only in relation to the future, and we work together to create a real deal feasible plan to be proactive in creating the life – and relationships – you truly desire.

My mission:

Mama Says Namaste Mission Statement

“Ashley Logsdon is a world class person and coach. She has a passion to help her clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend Ashley and assure you any interaction and connection with her will add tremendous value to you and your family.”   

~Jamie Slingerland

The last thing we need in the midst of our struggle is shame for being human.   Brené Brown

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My process works from the inside out – addressing who you are and how you tick first – and then seeing how that affects those you love most.

Let’s dig deep and explore what makes you tick.  The Personality Snapshots are not the end-all-be-all solution to “fixing” your life, but a first step toward self-awareness and recognizing how to live authentic lives that allow us to BE the good…and see the good in others. Utilizing the personality profile allows us to really assess your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, triggers, fears and how you communicate.

As a special bonus, once we’ve worked on you, I have some fabulous packages that will work for your whole family.  These are super special, and are reserved for next steps after we have a good grasp on you.  

As you know, oftentimes what we see as the problem (everyone else) can be greatly affected when we focus on the one thing we do have ultimate control over – ourselves.


From the first call, I got more than what I expected, and am so fulfilled with my coaching experience. I needed a trusted and reputable accountability partner – I ended up so much more. Ashley’s unique style and ability to guide through all the wheel houses absolutely helped to enlighten my own path. I wanted a coach because I was so concerned for myself that I lacked direction and was in a state of overwhelm. Today, I’m only overwhelmed with all the possibilities, and am already heading in a fulfilling direction. This journey I am on, I am so grateful and honored to have Ashley at my side. While I am also discovering my own true calling, it is so very beautifully evident what Ashley’s is. The best investment I made in myself, is having Ashley as my coach.


Come with me.

Let’s discover your beautiful, authentic self.

I require every person to fill out the application below before we start the coaching process – and I promise you we will not move forward with coaching unless we are both confident it is an excellent fit.  

I encourage you to read these sample packages and simply fill out the application at the bottom of this page first. Not a single cent need be invested unless we all determine that what I bring truly serves your needs in creating that deeper family connection. 

I also offer ongoing coaching packages, couples coaching with my husband, and family packages, so feel free to fill out the form below and we will get you a package for exactly what you need.  More questions?  Contact me directly!

My packages range from $350-$7500 with monthly payment plans available.  If you aren’t sure which package is right for you, start by filling out this form and I’ll help you clarify where to start.  We can always start small and address how much further you need to go in the process.  

Know that I customize and make these packages work based on the feedback I get in this profile below…and I want EACH of you to fill it out.  Put on your thinking caps, tootsies, because it’s about to get real.

(If you want to ensure you don’t lose your work, I highly recommend you fill out this form on a laptop/desktop computer and not a mobile device! )

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