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Sharing the Namaste Message via Podcasts

Ask Ashley To Be a Guest On Your Podcasts
Ashley Logsdon One-Sheeter (Bio)

Possible Interview Topics:​

•  Laughter, Humble Pie, and Lots of Sex: How To Stay Connected In Your Marriage

•  Who is this monster and what happened to my child? Learn how to motivate and connect with your child based on their personality style.

•  Clear the Clutter and Chaos from your home AND your heart

•  Family VIPs:  How to take your family from surviving to thriving

•  Don't get stuck in "one day" syndrome -- bringing back the play to your daily life.

•  Personality...flaws, or flawless? How to live in your strengths and bring out the best in others.

•  Life on the road - living a location-independent lifestyle - how to overcome your fears, make it sustainable, and embrace a lifelong vacation.

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Recent Guest Appearances, Blogs, and Speaking Engagements

  • Coaching With Excellence
    DISC Presentation, 3 Dates in 2017
  • Finding Namaste Within
    DISC Workshop at Fahrenheit Hot Yoga Studio
  • #FieldTripGypsies
    New Family Adventure:  RVing the States Full Time since October 2016

What Others Are Saying:

"Ashley and her husband Nathan were absolutely fabulous guests to have on the Extraordinary Show. They were engaging, open, transparent, and a delight to have on the show. Our listeners truly enjoyed their interview, and we saw a phenomenal response in listener engagement. Ashley brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion in all she does, and I would highly recommend her for an interview -- she won't disappoint!"