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Inner You Portrait Session



Have you ever questioned who you are, what your purpose is, and just how in the world you can relate to others?  This is the coaching session for you.  You’ll get an immediate tangible with the Personality Snapshot – plus the beauty of a coaching session where you don’t even need to leave your home.  Get comfy, grab a cuppa joe, and dive in with Ashley to learn more about your beautiful self.


You get:

• A video by yours truly explaining the gifts and the fears of each personality style and how to show grace and love for yourself and for other personality styles in your home.
• E-mail access to me for any questions
•  A 60-minute coaching call (via Zoom, so we can record it plus I can see your beautiful face)!  I’ll go over how to understand your graph, any questions you have, and what things you can do at home to strengthen your most important relationships based on your personality style.

Bonus email follow-up with printables based on your unique situation.


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