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Ashley Logsdon

Have you had those moments where you have to take a deep breath and trudge into your home, knowing it’s a warzone of disconnect and frustration?

Have you caught yourself having more “bad mommy” moments than good ones, snapping at and criticizing your family?

Do you feel constantly pulled in every direction and frustrated with the constant demands and neediness of young children?

Living with one person and jiving all the time is hard enough. Add in a family with young kids just figuring out the world and you have a recipe for a quick downhill disaster. If everyone is fighting for their place and unable to recognize personality differences for their strengths, “home” can bring forth some pretty mixed feelings. Home may be the house you enter into, but do you have a home that makes you truly happy?

What if you learned how to put the “om" into hOMe…to foster relationships and an environment that gives you a sense of peace, happiness and comfort when you think of family, and what your true home is?

This is where I come in. I work with Mamas first and foremost. Motherhood is a tough job – extremely draining and extremely rewarding. It can be overwhelming and hard to manage alone. Sometimes, even when you are married, it can feel like parenting is a solitary responsibility. I help mamas clear the clutter from their home, their head, and their heart. I start by getting to the root of it all: understanding who you are and how you tick.

Once you understand your own hills and valleys (and how to focus in on your strengths and motivate/encourage others to do the same), you can truly BE the good and SEE the good.​