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What Namaste Means To Me

Namaste, in its most basic sense, is the recognizing of two souls at a deeper level.  This is a great refrigerator reminder about how to find Namaste in your life and share it with your children.

Guidelines For Life

These may be our family mission, but the guidelines for yours as well - this is how we have elaborated on our six words to create our family with intention.

My Family Mantra

Here is the recap on the key points from the webinar - keep these five tips in mind to take your family from thriving!


Thank you for clicking through to get your free resources.  Congratulations on being intentional about creating the family where EVERYONE thrives (even you parents).  

As I mentioned in the video, a big component of this is understanding the unique personality styles of everyone in your home.  With the "Mama Says Namaste Snapshots", you have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the strengths of your whole family.  Click here to learn more about the snapshots, and use the coupon THRIVE2017 for $5 off your purchase!

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My Podcast

Each week, I dive into family and personality styles topics as well as minimalism and decluttering. It's set up in series fashion so you can binge-listen by topic. And each podcast is under an hour! LISTEN NOW ...

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Define Yourself With Intention

How do you define personality? Do you have all kinds of labels and descriptors you use when you talk about your family? Our perspective shapes our personality. READ MORE...

Need Help Creating Your Family Vision?

This blog post and VIDEO will help you figure out where to start and how to get each member of your family involved in your family vision. READ MORE ...