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Brand new to the Acton Academy style, or simply need support?  

Check out my "newbie" package below, and be sure to connect in the

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Acton Academy Parents Coaching Package

Welcome to "Mama Says Namaste" - your place to move your family from chaos and reaction mode to living a life of intention, recognizing how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us.  

You've landed here due to your involvement with the Acton Academy School and Affiliation.  I've partnered with them to provide coaching beyond the basics to get you and your family confident about your family's educational journey AND your family connection.

This is currently the "beta phase" of this package, so for a limited time, I am offering one package with all kinds of fun:

1 Coaching Session (approx. 1-2 hours) includes:

As we hash out exactly what your family needs in order for your educational experience to be a success, I am doing this at a rock-bottom price of $350.  There is no charge until we both determine coaching is a fit and we're excited to get started!

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