I address topics on communication, education, parenting, love/marriage, and powerful, authentic and connected relationships.

Motherhood…parenthood is the most important job in the world – and yet we all are navigating this critical job on top of everything else – running a household, work, taking care of yourself, maintaining and growing a harmonious relationship with your significant other.

With my degrees in American Sign Language and Psychology, I have the background to not only work on the psychological aspect that comes from looking inward, but also to do some intense interpreting and mediating between the family.

I have been a “mama” to many over the past two decades, as I started nannying in my early teens.  Once I became a parent, I learned what motherhood was really about – and I love talking with others about parenting styles, ways to encourage creativity and independence in your kids….and not lose yourself in the process.  

So I talk to the mamas first – because, when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. 

On top of the online business world, I love hot yoga and assist at a studio in town, make killer fudge, cover the whole family in henna designs, paint, I’m a certified Reiki Therapist, unschooling mother, and we’re gearing up as the family to do our next big adventure – Full Time RVing.  🙂

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What’s New:

michael skif“Ashley and her husband Nathan were absolutely fabulous guests to have on the Extraordinary Family Show.  They were engaging, open, transparent, and a delight to have on the show.  Our listeners truly enjoyed their interview and we saw a phenomenal response in listener engagement.  Ashley brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion in all she does and I would highly recommend her for an interview – she will not disappoint!”  Michael Skiff, One Extraordinary Family Podcast show

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