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My Soul Is Crying For Change (Episode 188)

 Change is inevitable in our lives…yet it can be scary and overwhelming. How are you navigating change? In your home, your work…your life? Sometimes we’re navigating change that is unwanted or unexpected, like the weather or, let’s say, 2020 as a whole.  But then again, sometimes the changes are those aches and pains of unrest, resentment, […]

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Shift Your Perspective Before Your Bank Account (Episode 186)

Before you move forward with finding that perfect job or getting that perfect amount in the bank account, we have to first and foremost look at what money really means to us.What word can replace “money” in your mindset? Listen to the Mama Says Namaste Podcast Episode on this topic:Listen to this episode on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, YouTube, iHeartRadio or […]

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