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3 Steps to Create Community You Crave (Episode 87)

Mama Says Namaste Podcast Building Community

Community – it’s that desire to find yourself and your “tribe” – to feel connected and secure in who you are and who those people are that support and connect with you. It’s a fear so many have when it comes to venturing out to a traveling, entrepreneurial or homeschooling lifestyle – “how will I find community?” This episode, we discuss building community and engagement. There are three key things that community – and my coaching business – is all about. Read the full show notes and resources at

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What Is Home?

What is “home” to you? Is it a building, a relationship, or a feeling? I’ve found that home can be one of those ethereal concepts that means different things to different people. In my own life, home has shifted from a building, to the people, to a place of being.  Some of you are aware […]

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