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Opposites Attract…And How To Live With Them (Episode 86)

opposites attract

Do opposites attract? HOW do opposites attract? And how in the world do I handle them? February’s episode is all about love and the ups and downs of living with your opposite. This isn’t just opposites attract quotes, but real life application to ensure you thrive.

Oftentimes the biggest struggles in opposite couples is the desire to have the other person view things like you do. When you push for your partner to be/do/think the same as you and that’s not their natural behavior, it can be a slippery slope of disappointment and frustration.

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3 Secrets for A Long-Lasting Marriage

Ah, looking back…as I’m revitalizing the post, I’m now quickly approaching fifteen years of marriage. How do you build a long-lasting marriage? It’s been so fun having these blog posts to look back on and see what still holds true. And this topic…still stands strong.  It’s been fun creating pieces that challenge me in my own […]

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Discuss, But Never Argue

 On the blog “Confessions of a Terrible Husband,” Nick Pavlidis shared about how to have an argument-free marriage.  My first inclination is that a marriage without disagreements isn’t a very deep one.  However…I then read deeper into it and realized that the issue at hand is not about disagreeing – it’s about the word “argument”.If […]

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