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90 Day Family Road Trip

Don't just plan another vacation. Consider an intentional shift for your family. 90 Days will give you time to explore both your environment and who each member of your family is. And, it will open the door to what is possible for your family when your write your own family story.

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Does My Life Reflect What I Care About? What Example Have I Set?

What is your life reflecting?  How would you describe it?  Here was mine this past weekend: Eighty-four families.  Over one hundred and seventy children.  RVs, dogs, and campfires everywhere we look.  This was our first “Full Time Families” rally where we convened with families from across the country (and world!) who are RVing the States full-time […]

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Focus, Awe, and not waiting for “One Day” – What Is Your Word?

Ahh, the last week of 2016. What has this year been like for you? Each year, I’ve picked a word that stands out to me. In 2015, that word was awe.  Last year, the focus was letting go of “one day” and experiencing life to the fullest right now in the present moment. Boy did […]

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