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Feeling Good…or Fulfilled? (Episode 172)

What is the distinction between feeling good and feeling fulfilled? Oftentimes our pursuit of feeling good can miss that very big element of fulfillment that we’re all ultimately seeking in life. True fulfillment isn’t external; it’s an inward-looking process.Listen to this episode on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, YouTube, iHeartRadio or your RSS Feed  *Now also on the Pandora app and Radio.com!Being an EagleIn my […]

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What am I Investing In?

What are you investing your time and energy in? How much of our life is taken up by triggers – things that set us off into reaction-mode and potentially lose sight of our real focus? How often are you stressed about your lack of time to get things accomplished, and feel overwhelmed by all on […]

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