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Full-time RVing as a Family (Episode 197)

Have you ever considered full-time RVing for your family? It can seem like a pretty daunting thing, yet…it’s possible. Oh so possible. We’re living proof that not only can you do it, you can thrive and really have a blast! It’s not that everything is easy, though. Let’s dig in to some of the highs and […]

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Why a Family Road Trip? (Episode 166)

Have you ever considered an epic family road trip? Nathan and I reflect on our why behind taking a family road trip…one that has now lasted almost 4 years!  In this podcast episode, we talk about some of the questions we’ve been asked about being on the road full time, and share about our course, […]

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Travel Lessons Learned (Episode 103)

As we are sharing all about the Smart Travel Super Bundle this week, it was a perfect time to talk about what lessons we’ve learned looking back on our travels, and what we would say to those who are fearful of taking the leap. Is family travel really worth it? Looking back at our top […]

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