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Homeschool Mama Says…I Need A Drink

[su_note note_color=”#C5F6A3″] This is a guest post by Theresa Lode. Theresa is a blogger, life organizer, and occasional ruckus maker.  Over at Life Uncluttered, Theresa talks about clearing the clutter from your home and your soul, as well as addressing all those chronic health issues that tend to crop up (especially the more “clutter” there […]

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What Kind of Teacher Are You?

As a parent first and foremost, we want our children to learn and grow as much as possible.  I’ve addressed how to raise life-long learners by not just being “teachers”, but “awakeners” already, so we know the term “teacher” is simply the traditional label we put on whomever our children are learning from.  I want to […]

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Education Overhaul #3: Lose the Lingo

So far we’ve taken the term “education” out of the traditional box, and opened up to the fact that learning can not be defined in one simple format, but is an opportunity we have within every life experience.  Everything we’ve explored so far can apply to anyone – regardless of what school model you choose for your […]

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Education Overhaul Step 2: Define “Learning”

Did you know that “Education” and “Learning” are oftentimes polar opposites?  Crazy, I know. Technically speaking,   Education may be the process of teaching material, but education does not equal learning.  Think of the old cliché, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.”  You can educate all day long, but […]

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