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Education Overhaul #1: Reframe Your Thinking

Last night over dinner, my 6-year-old had this conversation with her Papa: Papa: “So what did you learn at school today?” Ellie: “Nothing; we just play.” (insert shock at him for thinking they actually learn). Papa: “How do you learn all the things you know about then?” Ellie: “From Mommy and Daddy and things I […]

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I Am Not A Teacher (But I Unschool)

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This last week, we had a 48 Days Coaching with Excellence event out at my parent’s property.  Many of you know my role with 48 Days, and in this event, we work with people to see how coaching can be a viable part of their business.  I speak on DISC personality styles, and we spend […]

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A week in our home

I’ve been on this unschooling adventure for a while now and I am the first to say that we don’t have much of a schedule.  Part of our reason for unschooling is due to how extremely opposite it is to the traditional school environment.  Our learning isn’t separated into subjects, and our day is not […]

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