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The first step is to fill out my coaching application.  I've laid out your best options for coaching below - yet everything is fully customizable - by clicking "your first step" below, I'll be able to help you assess what may work best for your family, and your budget.  

Mama Says Namaste Coaching

You and your family are important.  Not a single cent need be invested until we determine that what I bring truly serves your needs in creating that deeper family connection.

  • For You
  • For your Relationship
  • For Your Family

Are you experiencing doubt about your role, your abilities, and/or your significance?

Feeling overwhelmed?  Stuck in a rut?  

Need a push to organize your chaos so you can take charge of your life again?

The love, light, and beauty within me honors, respects and adores the love, light and beauty within you...but first, you have to recognize what that is!  Using the personality snapshot as a basis, we dig deep into what that light is that you can shine on others, and we address authentic love for oneself and how it radiates out to others.

We all get stuck in routines and habits that are simply reactions to all that life has thrown at us, and sometimes the best thing that can be done is to get a jolt from the outside.  Coach Tony Robbins is notorious for his confrontational jolts to break habits and shift people into making positive change in their lives.  If you're ready for change but not quite ready for that level of force, let a mama who's been there walk you through it.  We'll take a bird's-eye view of your life and your pain points, and look at simple steps to gain order and confidence in your daily life, as well as reach the goals you set.  


  • 3 video conference Zoom Calls (approx. 1 hr each)
  • Personality Snapshot (and graph analysis)
  • 3 books/audio chosen by Ashley for your specific situation
  • 2 month email access and weekly check-in/accountability work


Perspective:  How much is a monthly car payment?  Which is longer lasting?


The Paradigm Shifter Program is a full-on, comprehensive 60 day process of one-on-one life planning.  This package lays out a conceptual, yet structured, process that will enhance your personal sense of balance, focus, confidence and enthusiasm, regardless of any momentary circumstances. This is not about just finding a job or tacking bedtime fiascos in your home.  This is about a lifestyle shift where you are the artist painting the picture of the life you dream of. 

Each of the eight sessions included in this package is approximately 1 hour in length and includes personal action steps and email followup after every session.  The culmination is the personalized application, which takes many individualized applications, often embracing creative skills in ways never before seen as possible.  


Perspective: this is the VIP coaching package that is a fully customizable gameplan for you and your family.  What is the cost of a family vacation to Disney?  What if you spent that money on something that would make those vacations more enjoyable?