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Thanks for Listening to “12 Minutes with Engel”!

Thanks for listening to 12 Minute Convos with Engel Jones, featuring me, Ashley Logsdon!

Clearly, the main topic on this call intrigued you.  Sex is a pretty hot subject, and definitely an area that can be lacking in a relationship!

My husband and I are ramping up for some crazy travel adventures, packing up an RV and seeing the USA with our three girls and our dog.  We plan on taking some time to create an audio series on this topic, but I wanted to give you a little something to get started with. give your best

Check out these three blog posts for our top six tips on a healthy marriage:

Laughter, Humble Pie and Lots of Sex:

Part 1 : Communication, Respect, Teamwork

Part 2: Growability

Part 3: Lovemaking and Laughter

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And please, feel free to leave feedback on your thoughts in each of the blog posts above – I’d love to know what tips you would include!