Get a quick guide to the 4 main personality types in families and tips on connecting with your spouse and kids by understanding their personality type AND yours PLUS stay updated through my new Podcast.

“Now Is the Time!"

“Maybe you're just married and want to start on the right foot or you've been married a while and are looking for a way to sync back up together.  Or it may be you're pulling your hair out with a toddler, struggling with school decisions and changes or embarking on the eye-rolling stages of teenhood.  No matter where you are, NOW IS THE TIME to find that "om" in hOMe!  

Remember why you dreamed of family and be intentional about creating the home life you all thrive in.  With the Mama Says Namaste personality profiles, podcast and community, there is no excuse to not have the family you truly enjoy."

Ashley Logsdon,
Mama Says Namaste

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