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10 questions to ask yourself before you go on the road

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Maybe this has been a pipe dream for you, or one of those "one day" wistful thinking notions. But guess what - it will stay that way unless you make the decision to act. We have put together a free PDF of the top 10 questions to ask before going on the road to help you determine if it's a good fit for you and your family (Yes, we did say 7 questions, but we've added 3 more bonus questions, just for you!)

How to take the ultimate family road trip without going broke or crazy. Free webinar

Blogs That Can Help You

How To Travel When You Can't Afford to
How To Travel When You Can't Afford To

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What Is Home

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If you're ready to hit the road...we're here for you.

Join Nathan & Ashley along with other full time families to share with you the ins and outs of getting on the road and help you find your community and support. If you are planning to launch in the next year (or have just recently launched and are feeling a bit lost), this is the conference for you! Click to learn more...

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We Tell Our Adventure Story Via Podcast

Mama Says Namaste Podcast

When we introduced ourselves to the Podcasting World for the first time, we told our Family Adventure Story. Listen here.

This Podcast has special meaning for us because it's the Podcast that got us started in our Family Adventures. Listen here.

Supporting your fulltime RV adventures and aspirations
Full Time Families Membership Site

If you are curious if there are other families traveling the States, our best resource is the Full Time Families Membership Site. Click on the graphic to the left to access the site to see all the benefits of being a member (the biggest benefit for us is meetups, hangouts and rallies, where we meet other families. Our first rally had 85 families - over 160 kids!) There is is also a free Facebook Group you can join to get a taste of it -- you'll see there are many, many people who are interested or traveling already!

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