Ongoing Coaching Sessions ⋆ Mama Says Namaste

Ongoing Coaching Sessions

Welcome! I’m thrilled you are choosing to work with me on an ongoing basis. This is a powerful tool as accountability; to keep you focused and moving in the direction you want to go.


In the spirit of yoga, I’ve added in three coaching retainer package options to really keep you rolling with the resources you want to continue our coaching experience. I require a commitment of 3 months for these packages.


Each of these may be customized and all will include random bonuses and homework assignments as I see fit.

Option 1:  Pranayama Email Sessions

Pranayama Coaching SessionsPranayama, in Hindu yoga, is the regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises. I will help you with that “deep breathing” by starting out each week with your email check-in to lay out where you are and where you want to be. Starting each week with intention, knowing you have the accountability of a journal entry/check-in with me, is a great way to stay focused.

Includes up to 1 Zoom call (plus audio/video recordings), weekly email check-ins, access to printables and digital products I’ve created.  



Option 2: Vinyasa Flow Experience

Vinyasa Flow Experience

Vinyasa is a method of yoga in which movements form a flowing sequence in coordination with the breath. We will start with a deep “breath” of a coaching call at the beginning of the month to set the intention of your focus, and another in the third week for a bi-weekly process. I follow it up with weekly email check-ins to keep you on track and allow for true flow in your life.

Includes up to 2 calls a month (approximately 1 hour) via Zoom – you will get a replay of the audio and video recording and a follow-up email with action steps


Option 3: Ashtanga Practice Sessions

Ashtanga Practice Sessions

Ashtanga is a type of yoga based on eight principles and consisting of a series of poses executed in swift succession, combined with deep, controlled breathing. In these sessions, we want to be focused and intentional in our steps, moving forward with control and deep breathing to create healthy patterns and habits in your life.

This is a full weekly process with up to 4 Zoom calls/month plus weekly email followup – full audio and video replays and additional resources