Thanks for attending the Amazon Legends conference!  I'm excited to work with you and dig into your personality profile!  Below you'll learn a bit more about what a "portrait session" is - and you can take advantage of that special offer for a portrait session for you...and your family.

Are you ready for the most powerful family portrait you've ever experienced?

The Portrait Sessions are designed to help you go deeper into discovering the uniqueness in yourself, your spouse and kids so you can strengthen the entire family. Each Portrait Session includes a coaching call with Ashley, along with a full analysis of your DISC Personality Snapshot, including:

  • How to thrive in your strengths - those natural tendencies that bring forth you in your best light. 
  • Triggers that will pull out the worst in you and send you into a negative reaction. 
  • Suggestions for things that rejuvenate your soul in all seven areas of your life: family, social, career, financial, spiritual, physical, and personal development/creative play.
  • Resources and tips on understanding all the personality styles so you can start to identify personality styles of those around you so you can better communicate with them
  • Video laying out the gifts, fears, and triggers for each personality style and how to communicate with love and grace
  • Select printables chosen for your unique situation for you to post as daily reminders. 

Inner You Portrait Session

I will share with you how you can use this simple tool to transform relationships and create an open atmosphere where the family can effectively and lovingly communicate with one another. I would love to walk through this with you and help you get the most out of this that you possibly can!


Couples Portrait Session

For couples at any stage in their lives -- want to get back to being a newlywed? We will help you reconnect on a deeper level than you imagined, and create a team that can navigate anything together – new moves, new jobs, and family changes.


Family Portrait Session

We’ll help you identify a gameplan by diving deeper into each family member’s strengths/weaknesses, how to parent each personality style in your child(ren), the importance of energy and atmosphere in your home, creating a family bucket list, mission statement and more.


The first step to any of the above Portrait Sessions is to take the personality snapshots - you will get information to take and download the reports immediately upon purchase along with your next steps.

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