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Family Portrait Session


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Are you feeling like it’s hard to get a grip on the day and even make time for connection, much less figure out how to really connect?

Are you dealing with walking on eggshells, tension, resentment, apathy or just negative chaos?

Maybe it’s time to really get a deeper look into who each of you are as beautiful individuals, and then learn how the uniqueness in each of you strengthens all of you.


• A video by yours truly explaining the gifts and the triggers/fears of each personality style in the family and how to show grace and love for yourself and for each other.
• E-mail access to me for any questions
• 1-2 hours of coaching (via Zoom, so we can record it plus I can see your beautiful faces)!  I’ll go over how to understand each of your personality snapshots, what you each can do to strengthen your most important relationships based on your personality styles and specifically address some of your specific needs and struggles based on your pre-session selfie report.

*Any family member is welcome to be on it, however I recommend teens as younger kids get bored after a bit!

BONUS – free printables and resources after the call based on your unique situation!


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