Screen Time Poll Results

We recently held polls in both the Mama Says Namaste and Unschooling Families FaceBook groups regarding screen time in your home. Here are some of the interesting results:

  • The #1 struggle folks have with screen time is setting a good example (45%) followed by a close second of setting and sticking to screen time parameters (40%).
  • The top benefit folks see in technology is to educate (42%) followed by a close second of to enrich (37%).
  • 73% said they feel like they have a good balance between screen time and family time.
  • There was an overall tie in the age that computers/tech should be introduced to children.
    34% said 2-3 years old
    34% said 6-7 years old
    17% said 4-5 years old
    7% said 8-9 years old
    7% said when they show interest
  • Interestingly, the tie above is exactly opposite among the Mama Says Namaste group and Unschooling Group! (Seems like we may want to poll how many non-traditional schooling parents are in the MSN Group!)
    MSN group — 47% said 2-3 years old and 20% said 6-7 years old
    Unschooling group — 21% said 2-3 years old and 50% said 6-7 years old
  • Number of screens in the home
    41% have 4-6
    38% have 7-10
    13% have more than 10
    8% have 0-3