Managing Family Screen Time

Favorite screen-worthy resources in the Logsdon home:
  • Duolingo - excellent for learning a new language
  • Typorama - what I use for all my quotes graphics
  • Homer - Although this app is geared toward children learning to read, my oldest daughter begged to create an account because the books were so interesting in it. It's really helped her with her spelling, and you all get a special "Mama Says Namaste" discount!
  • ABC MouseABC Mouse has plenty of resources for them to go along a learning pathway, and, like Homer, can be played on the computer or any mobile device.
  • Reading EggsThe kids enjoy the different subjects in there, however there is a cat that sings a song that may just be to drive parents crazy. Headphones recommended. You'll be singing obnoxious songs after they finish every lesson!
  • FarFariaThis has been our go-to entertainment app for all the grandparents phones as well. With new books always being added, it's like a virtual children's library anywhere you go. Kids can read the books on their own, have them read along, or have it prompt them to read.

  • BrainGames - the girls love learning about science and how the brain works
  • Daniel Tiger - cute with so many great jingles and lessons for the younger crew!
  • Wild Kratts - I've been amazed at how many random facts the girls have picked up about animals from this show!
  • Planet Earth, Human Planet and Life - these are amazing documentaries for the whole family
  • How We Got To Now - Great way to learn our history.
  • There are so, so many excellent documentaries and educational shows - you can definitely find resources on any topic you want - feel free to ask in the Unschooling Families community if there is a topic you'd like to explore!
  • Kahn Academy - There are schools that base a ton just on this one free resource.  Our middle loves learning through Kahn Academy, and it's amazing the difficult concepts they can grasp through these videos. 
  • PBS Kids - Videos, games, and educational fun.
  • BrainPop - Clara loves creating maps and worksheets, plotting out the things she learns.
  • Reading Eggs - Ellie especially enjoyed the fun way to learn her letters - this was the first online program they tried out.
Curious about more sites and links for educational purposes?