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A week in our home

I’ve been on this unschooling adventure for a while now and I am the first to say that we don’t have much of a schedule.  Part of our reason for unschooling is due to how extremely opposite it is to the traditional school environment.  Our learning isn’t separated into subjects, and our day is not […]

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Mommy, I’m Gonna Grow Up!!

“Mommy, I’ gunna grow up!!” These words were stated by my two-year-old as I once again did the bedtime battle with her.  This little girl, so full of love and spunk, stopped me in my tracks.  Now, to give full disclosure, there is an added level of cuteness when you learn that what she actually intended […]

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Can Your Soul Breathe?

I am in full-tilt boogie minimalist mode in my home.  This past year has been an eye-opener to me on so many levels of my own awareness of self.  And in cleaning out my own mental clutter, and allowing myself to just soak in the presence of what is, at that very moment…it’s allowed me […]

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