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Help Yourself! Trauma, HMR, And Pathways To Healing with Lenora Edwards (Episode 299)

In this series of looking inward, we’ve been addressing personality styles. While this is an important part of understanding the language of empathy, we have to take into account the world in which we live. We bring perspectives based on our environment, status, trauma, and more. And this week’s guest digs deep into the element […]

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Cracking the Code of Empathy: How DISC Personality Assessments Can Help You Speak the Same Language (Episode 297)

I’ve spent years coaching families using the DISC personality assessments, and the more and more I’ve walked families through them, the more I’ve seen the way these can truly crack the code of empathy for others.  Have you ever struggled to connect with someone who just seems to operate on a completely different wavelength than you? […]

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