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What Is A DISC Personality Assessment?

How do they contribute to a stronger, intentional family?

People need a way to communicate that's effective.

Why? Because people are complicated. 

While personality assessments are common in business, the crazy thing is, people don't often think about how much they can help in the one place many people need them most - at home

The DISC Personality assessment helps people to better understand their default reactions and how they impact ALL relationships.

When relationships are rocky, start within.

Gain insights into how you best stay motivated, what triggers you,

and how you react to stress.


Many times my clients come to me for help because they are tired. They feel overwhelmed, trapped, and like they can't get ahead. They don't feel supported by their spouse and it feels like chaos at home.  There are so many things to do, and they simply can't get it all done themselves. 

If you've been feeling frustrated with lack of communication, constantly walking on eggshells in your own home, or just can't get ahead, I want you to know there IS a solution.

To really be able to relate to one another, it's paramount that you seek to understand the perspective of those around you.  This DISC Personality "snapshot" helps you do just that. 

Too often, we tend to react first before we seek to understand. Understanding your personality style helps you recognize your first gut-response reactions and better prepare for how to navigate a situation...before you react. 

When we react, there is a deeper reason behind it. Knowing your DISC personality style is a an easy-to-understand, proven method to better understand yourself, build stronger relationships and motivate and inspire your children. 

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DISC Is Easy To Understand

This is the first question most people ask: what do the letters DISC stand for? In short:

  • D stands for the DOMINANT/DECISIVE Type, which is highly driven and visionary.
  • I stands for the INSPIRING Type which is outgoing and charismatic.
  • S stands for the SUPPORTIVE/STEADY Type which is focused on relationships and steadiness.
  • C stands for the CAUTIOUS/CONSCIENTIOUS Type which is logical and analytical.

Understanding these four personality types makes an incredible impact on your family dynamics, as you recognize the triggers that put your family in reaction mode, and see those beautiful strengths to help them thrive!

  • Learn how to recognize your Triggers and Reactions
  • Develop your strengths and identify the strengths of others
  • Build deeper, more intentional relationships
  • Eliminate chaos

Who's it for?

The DISC Personality Assessment is for anyone desiring a deeper, more meaningful connection with the ones they care about (our profile assessments are available for children as young as 5).

What do I get?

The Assessment is all-online, 24 questions (the Lifelong Learner is a bit longer). It generally takes 10-20 minutes to complete the assessment. After answering 24 questions, you’ll get:

  • a 25+ page report...and you can see sample pages on all of the reports when you click below. 
  • a 12 minute video from Ashley diving even deeper into what fears trigger reactive behavior in every personality style.

There are 4 personality assessment options; decide which one is right for you.

Why do I need this?

Look, as parents, we want to enjoy time with our family. We don’t blink when it comes to spending on family vacations to Disney, on a cruise, or that cross-country road trip to visit family. But how often do we take time to invest in something that will ensure that time together is even more enjoyable?  

You can have the most epic vacation agenda laid out, yet if you and your family aren’t on the same page, the results could be a catastrophe. Get to know yourself, move from communication to genuine connection, and speak in a way that each personality in your family can respond to. Get your personality assessment today and start planning your best vacation time ever. 

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