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Kudos to you for clicking on this tab.  What is parent coaching, you ask?

Parent coaching is something powerful. It's not reactive, full of crisis, but being intentional about stopping the crisis before it begins. Most people recognize career and financial coaches, and understand the value of a business vision. Yet have you been proactive in your home to create a family vision?

I work with families who are tired of living in chaos and reaction-mode. They have young children in the home and are seeking life beyond the box.  If this is you, I'm speaking to your desire to have something more to life than "keeping up with the Joneses". 

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Parent Coaching

What Does A Coach Do?

Moves You Forward Quickly

As a life coach for women and men alike, my process is different than a counselor. We only address the past in order to move forward with where you want to be. Coaching is a very forward-moving process that includes action steps and accountability to ensure you are moving forward and making the progress you desire. This isn't a long term process, but something that allows for instant results and application.

I don't rush you, yet I give you action steps to implement so you can set your own pace and get the accountability of me holding you to it.

Explore the Diamonds Right In Front Of You

Sometimes the best aspects of coaching is simply pointing out all that you are doing right. It's validation, affirmation, and having a third party point out the strengths each of you are bringing in to the family. 

Additionally, we'll look at what opportunities there are for deeper connection and life balance that you may be able to apply immediately for a big impact.

"We both absolutely felt heard and appreciated the way you restated our concerns to make sure we were on the same page prior to providing your feedback and recommendations." 

 - Erin

Instant Application

My process works from the inside out – addressing who you are and how you tick first – and then seeing how that affects those you love most.

As you know, oftentimes what we see as the problem (everyone else) can be greatly affected when we focus on the one thing we do have ultimate control over – ourselves.

Since the focus is on you and the mindset in your own head, you can experience a huge shift during our first session. 

Face-to-Face Interaction

Every session is done via Zoom Video Conferencing - we can share screens and see each other's faces. It's almost better than in person - no drive time or location limitations. And, since it's online, I provide a recording of both audio and video for you to go back to for reference, or share with your partner.

The process

Every coaching relationship starts with taking the "Namaste Personality Snapshots", which are based on the DISC Personality Profiles. The Personality Snapshots are not the end-all-be-all solution to “fixing” your life, but a first step toward self-awareness and recognizing how to live authentic lives that allow us to BE the good…and see the good in others. Utilizing the personality profile allows us to really assess your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, triggers, fears and how you communicate

Action Folder

After every session, I send you a follow-up email complete with action steps and a link to your dropbox folder. This holds your personality snapshots, our Zoom sessions, printables and any other resources that I feel may benefit you in your journey.

How Do I Start?

The first step is to fill out my coaching application.  I've laid out your best options for coaching below - yet everything is fully customizable - by clicking "your first step" below, I'll be able to help you assess what may work best for your family, and your budget.  

"You are a master at direct and forceful coaching while still being compassionate!"

Dan Miller, Career Coach and author,

Now that you have a family, you have to juggle taking care of yourselfconnecting with your spouse, and being the provider, nurturer, teacher, and everything else to a bunch of little minions you call your own.  

Work, personal health, mental/emotional/spiritual development, relationships…these are just a few of the balls up in the air. Unless you are a professional juggler, it’s not uncommon for a ball to drop – especially the faster things move. Parent coaching and life coaching for women and men is a powerful way to get back in the driver's seat of your life. You will no longer react as a victim of circumstance. 

If you want to have the family that truly brings the “om” to hOMe, it’s time for you to step up to the plate.

What Clients Are Saying:

Laura Sandefer Acton Academy

Identify Your Strengths

As a mom who struggles with supporting my children on their own individual journeys while maintaining a thriving family life, I found Ashley’s coaching to be incredibly valuable. She coached me through my strengths and weaknesses and guided me to better understand what may trigger stress for me and ways I can reduce that so I can be the very best mom and wife for my family. I highly recommend her whether you feel you are struggling or not and I’ll be recommending her to my families at Acton Academy.

LAURA SANDEFER //  Founder, Acton Academy, Author, Courage To Grow

Revitalize Your Marriage

My husband and I took the personality snapshots from Ashley when we kept having issues communicating with each other. They helped us see why we sometimes misunderstood each other and how we react negatively or positively to certain situations that come up in everyday family settings. The personality snapshots were great in that we received clarification on the profiles from Ashley highlighting our key strengths and weaknesses in our specific personality style. I would love to get one for my oldest daughter now that I have seen how much it’s helped myself and my husband.

DAPHNE M. //  Midwife, RN, and Certified Health Coach

Invest In Yourself

Ashley, you have impressed me so, put even  more faith into what I believed was possible for a coaching experience. I have no bad feedback! 

What I love and appreciate most: your honest, your accountability, your ability to approach all the wheels, your guidance like a mama, a sister and a mentor all in one. What you say in your mission, your website, is absolutely amazingly true and comes out shining in all you say and do. Thank you for being so genuinely you, and helping me unleash the me inside of me with grace. 

LAURA M. //  Podcaster, Fitness Coach and Blogger

Change Your Worldview

Ashley and her family have completely changed my worldview when it comes to education, lifelong learning, having fun with education, and meeting our kids where they are.

TRICIA P. //  SAHM, Editor

What you can expect with Coaching

  • Face-to-face interaction with Ashley
  • Video and Audio recordings of all sessions
  • One Session focused on understanding personality styles 
  • Followup email with action plan
  • Bonus resources and materials (Printables, books, etc)

Customizable Coaching Packages

I have created many coaching packages, yet what I've found is that the best way to work with a family is to lay out the basics, and then allow for a completely customized package that fits the pain points you want to work through. The first step is to simply fill out the coaching application and pick your price point - then I'll establish what resources will best benefit you.

"Family Portrait" Sessions

Feeling overwhelmed? Are you frazzled with your love relationship, parenting, clearing the clutter, schooling options or family travel?

This digs deeper into a key pain point to create a clear plan of action for success, and can include your partner, child, or colleague 

  • 2 Sessions, 1-2 hours each
  • Includes Namaste Personality Snapshots for up to five family members
  • PDF "Reboot" action plan with a step-by-step process to work through your situation


Life Harmony Sessions

This is a foundational package that is included in any other package. Ashley will go over the Namaste Personality Snapshots and apply them to your specific situation, helping you to start with a deeper understanding of how to see everyone in their best light.

  • Includes Namaste Personality Snapshots for up to five family members
  • Includes a follow-up email with an action plan


Namaste Sessions

Sometimes it takes an intensive perspective shift to get out of the ruts you're in. Whether it's work turmoil, marital tension, or the heaviness in your home and your heart, there is magic in having someone who is not in the midst of it all to work through it.

  • 4 Sessions, 1-2 hours each
  • Includes Namaste Personality Snapshots for up to five family members
  • Ongoing Google Journal/email/etc to share thoughts between sessions
  • Bonus Book(s)/Resources curated for your situation (for example, for an intimate relationship, this is a good one: "How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It")

All packages include 1-2 months email/phone/text access, audio and video recordings of all calls, and bonus supplemental materials to enforce your action steps.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We don't move forward with any payment until you have submitted an application and we have agreed on both package, price, and relevance. You aren't required to invest a single cent until we have both decided we're a match to work together, and you're excited about the process!

Learn To Thrive Again

This process takes you away from focusing on the day to day stresses and tasks and refocuses you on what matters, relationships and family. Too often we get caught up on the muck of life and forget to enjoy the good we have all around us all the time.

The profiles themselves help to understand each other on a deeper level and help to show how to work with each other. We are all different and have different ways of doing/seeing/feeling things. We have 6 people in our house and we are ALL DIFFERENT and we all need to understand that is ok. So far, the profiles have allowed us to come up with plans for our 2 oldest (with their help) and they are beginning to thrive again--especially knowing they are unique and were able to participate in the process.

STEPHANIE L. //  SAHM, Full Time Traveling Family

Deeper Understanding and Connection

Ashley has been a huge blessing to our family. She has helped focus our attention on improving our marriage and home life. The investment in your family is worth every penny. I highly recommend working with Ashley. She is kind, fun, and full of great ideas. 

ANNA B. //  Owner, Acton Academy

Authenticity Is Key

Especially appreciate how responsive and thorough you are, thoughtful and strong, and your beautiful spirit shines through. I look forward to learning from you. I often find myself making decisions and hearing what you might say about it ahead of's a great side effect.

I also thank You Ashley for being honest and sharing with me as well- all of it helps me and guides me on this awesome journey I have embarked upon, and the best investment I ever made for myself is to work with you.

MELISSA S. //  SAHM, Virtual Assistant

Find Your Freedom

Ashley was an amazing masterpiece of both my personal and professional development. Since the first time I got the chance to talk to her, she helped me prioritize what is important in my life both personally and professionally. She was the start of the journey of my family’s freedom giving me great insights about how can I manage better my home, my marriage, my homeschooling and my new business as Spanish Coach.

LAURA S. //  Spanish Coach

Make Educated Decisions

I deeply admire Ashley Logsdon. She has encouraged me to make educated decisions in my parenting. Without Ashley, I wouldn’t have changed the trajectory of my decisions regarding the delivery of my son, which ended up being the most empowering experience of my life.

I admire Ashley so much as a mama. She understands the unique personalities of her daughters and deeply connects with them through that. She helps her daughters recognize their gifts and fosters those gifts so her daughters flourish.

TRICIA P.  //  SAHM, Editor

Deeper Understanding Of Self

We have just started our snapshots for our family and so far they have been fabulous. Not about labeling at all but understanding yourself and other family members so you can communicate and function better as a family. Highly recommend this.

DUSTIN L.  //  Sales Rep, Full Time Traveling Family