Ashley Logsdon, Relationship Coach

A counselor helps you process through the pain of your past. A coach helps you lay out the vision for your future...and break it down to what you can do today. 

Ready to move into the life you love, yet unsure of what you really want...or who you really are?

Here is the secret to moving forward...

To better connect with others, we must first find ourselves.

As my father Dan Miller says, 85% of the process of finding the work - and life - you love is by looking inward first. Yet sometimes, we’re so close to the issues it can be hard to pinpoint what isn’t working, or what blind spots we may have. 

Sometimes, a coach is the perfect answer to peel back the layers and uncover your strengths, fears and passions to help you determine your next steps.

Working with Ashley can help you...

  • Find work you love
  • Start and/or grow a business
  • Develop family harmony
  • Move from basic communication to true connection in every relationship

…and more!

Instead of trying to be a “jack of all trades, master of none,” I work with individuals (and families) to identify what your unique sweet spots are that allow you to truly flow. When we spend all our time focusing on what we don’t do well and what we don’t like, that tends to be more of what we see. Shifting that perspective to know your own skillset and do it well can be a complete game-changer.

Not only is identifying your own unique abilities helpful in finding a job or building your sweet spot in your business, but it is also key to deepening the connection with your partner and your children.


Ashley has an outstanding ability to establish trust quickly. She is calm and confident with humorous and strong wisdom. She asks poignant and purposeful questions and allows you to come to your own answers. She is a trusted advisor—a seasoned guide. You are the hero. She celebrates your wins and supports you in your discovery of yourself and your life’s destination. She offers you the courage to become the leading lady of your own story and create a life you’re proud of.


Life happens. You’re human, and you have default reactions and emotions that help you cope with what comes your way. When you can identify what triggers negative reactions, however, you can shift your mindset for a more productive experience and a stronger connection with those around you.

So often people come to me in the midst of a transition. They have left their job, or they are miserable there. They are fed up with the school system and trying to figure out homeschool. They are hoping to make their dreams of travel a reality. They’ve just gone through a divorce, children leaving the nest, etc.

During a time of legitimate insecurity, when you are unaware of your own strengths, our natural tendency is simply to try and be what we think is needed.

And as long as we're just generating the same responses to life as we always have, we're going to continue to create the same patterns.

I have seen smooth and steady peacemakers trying to step up as an assertive leader and and having a panic attack of anxiety. And I’ve seen incredible visionaries, eager to launch their business, get so overloaded with the details that they throw in the towel. I've talked to parents who have all the best curriculum yet have hit a road block with their child hating the learning process, and people with the best laid out road trip adventure for their family, yet...they don't enjoy each other enough to handle being in the car that long!


You gave me so much to process through, but the actionable steps are already helping. In just the past few days, I’ve noticed many times during the day where something we talked about - such as matching criticism with gratitude, or resetting with a long hug - has come to mind. And even though there is initial resistance, if I allow myself to be more open and relinquish some control, everyone relaxes. 

Also, a big victory! I picked up my horn and played music last night with some old coworkers. I wasn’t going to do it; daddy had to get all three kids to bed on his own. But I went, and it was a blast! Definitely a recharge. And wouldn’t you know...daddy did great, and the kids were wonderful with him. It’s now the “weekly thing,” with a Christmas performance scheduled. So stoked, and Sean got a confidence boost from his time with the kids. 

I’ll work my way through these resources. Can’t wait to see the growth in myself, and benefits for my family, in the coming months. 

Again, thank you!!



By paying attention to what your strengths are and creating the space to thrive in your strengths, not simply muscling through those areas that don’t come naturally to you, you pave the way for a beautiful opportunity to collaborate, to connect, and to thrive. 

If you've been hoping that "one day" your family will jive smoother, "one day" you'll find work you love, and "one day" you'll be able to enjoy all the fruit of your labors...well, it'll always remain "one day" until you put a date on it. 

So when will that be? 

What is your next step to create a life you and your family thrive in? 

Remember, to move forward, start within. Your first step is simply bringing awareness to the situation, and paying attention to how that is impacting you.

And if you aren't sure where to go next, fill out this application below and let me get to know more about what’s going on. This is the first step in coaching with me, and allows me to identify what resources and support I can offer you along your journey.

Coaching with Ashley Logsdon Step One
coaching with ashley step two
coaching with ashley step 3

I initially thought I had to figure out what I wanted out of this life to make everything work, I then realized during our call that I have to figure out what WE want out of this life. I realized I have been building everything backwards. Business can't be my sole focus to get my family to a good life, I have to build my family and then figure out how business fits in to assist our goals and vision. Also, the introduction to DISC was very powerful, I see that as a key understanding of people and how to get along with them better. The value I received from just one call with Ashley was immeasurable.


Business owner, husband, father of 2

  • For You
  • For your Relationship
  • For Your Family

The Namaste Experience

Are you experiencing doubt about your role, your abilities, and/or your significance?

Feeling overwhelmed?  Stuck in a rut?  

Need a push to organize your chaos so you can take charge of your life again?

The love, light, and beauty within me honors, respects and adores the love, light and beauty within you...but first, you have to recognize what that is! Using the DISC personality snapshot as a basis, we dig deep into what that light is that you can shine on others, and we address authentic love for oneself and how it radiates out to others.

We all get stuck in routines and habits that are simply reactions to all that life has thrown at us, and sometimes the best thing that can be done is to get a jolt from the outside.

Coach Tony Robbins is notorious for his confrontational jolts to break habits and shift people into making positive change in their lives. If you're ready for change but not quite ready for that level of force, let a mama who's been there walk you through it. We'll take a bird's-eye view of your life and your pain points, and look at simple steps to gain order and confidence in your daily life, as well as reach the goals you set, whether at work, home, or both.  


  • 1 video conference Zoom Call with the option of video/audio replays (up to 2 hour session)
  • Personality Snapshot (and graph analysis) for you and your family - helping you see how you can better relate to those under your own roof
  • Key resources (books, videos, etc) to supplement what we work through. 
  • 1 month email access and weekly check-in/accountability work


Perspective:  How much is a monthly car payment?  Which is longer lasting?


Paradigm Shifter Sessions

The Paradigm Shifter Program is a full-on, comprehensive 60 day process of one-on-one life planning.  This package lays out a conceptual, yet structured, process that will enhance your personal sense of balance, focus, confidence and enthusiasm, regardless of any momentary circumstances. This is not about just finding a job or tackling bedtime fiascos in your home. This is about a lifestyle shift where you are the artist painting the picture of the life you dream of.

Each of the eight sessions included in this package is approximately 1 hour in length and includes personal action steps and email followup after every session. The culmination is the personalized application, which takes many individualized approaches, often embracing creative skills in ways never before seen as possible.  


Perspective: this is the VIP coaching package that is a fully customizable gameplan for you and your family.  What is the cost of a family vacation to Disney?  What if you spent that money on something that would make those vacations more enjoyable? 


 Available now  

How well do you know yourself...and your loved ones?