Meet the Fam

We’re a family of life learners…what’s that mean?  Basically, we believe that education is to be found in all of life and not just behind institutional doors.  We’re Nathan (aka PapaGray) and Ashley (aka MamaRose), parents of three wonderful little girls who have shown us from day one that we don’t know much but it’s one helluva fun ride!

We look at everyday interactions and realize that we have so much to learn, from each other, from our peers, family, mentors, and the rest of the world, and especially, from our children.  So instead of sending them off to a traditional school, we’re eager to enjoy the process of life alongside them.

That’s why, on October 16th, 2015, we started a new chapter in our lives: RVing the States full-time.

Check out “What is Home” to read more about why we chose this lifestyle.

This is life, and this is how we learn: we jump in headfirst, we engage fully, and we see what we can get out of it.  The point of this site is to share our journey with you – parenthood, education, relationships, etc –  in hopes that together we can find namaste in all we meet!

The point of this site is to create deeper connections with each other – starting from the inside out.  I work with families to challenge, inspire, and encourage a home life that is one you truly get excited about and can’t wait to not only get home to, but take on the world with.  Life is truly a grand adventure and we want to push you to move forward with the synergy of a family that is bonded together.  

Meet the Family


IMG_0280Mama Rose/ Ashley

Insanely optimistic dreamer and implementer, gung ho to take life by the horns and learn from it!  (Also fond of all things crafty or creative).

On the biz side, for the past 13 years I have run my father Dan Miller’s business,  Through this I have worked in and managed: customer service, shipping and fulfillment, marketing, web design, product development and design, social media, graphics, and worked side-by-side with my father leading live events and coaching coaches on our Coaching Mastery Program.  My forte is specifically in the area of personality styles and utilizing the DISC profile reports.

My heart is what pours out here at Mama Says Namaste.  My main focus is intimate relationships and family, working with the foundation of understanding personality styles and then applying that to creating a family where “the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us”. I address topics on communication, awareness, education, parenting, love, and powerful positive attitudes with relationships.

With my degrees in American Sign Language and also Psychology, I have the background to not only work on the psychological aspect that comes from looking inward, but also to do some intense interpreting and mediating between the family.

On top of the online business world, I also make a killer fudge, if I do say so myself (Mama Rose’s Fantasy Fudge), I love covering the whole family in henna designs, I’m a painter, a certified Reiki Therapist, unschooling mother, and RVing the states full-time on new adventures and travels with this blog and with my amazing family.

Learn more about Ashley and see media highlights HERE

2015-11-29 12.00.08

Papa Gray/ Nathan

Master chef, best daddy ever, chief investor of quality moments with those he loves most.  This man knows what he wants and embraces it.  Literally.

Nathan got a job in finance with no no background in this arena whatsoever (want a testament to the power of people connections?  He landed the job because he was the only interviewee who stood up and shook his future boss’s hand).  His engaging people-personality earned him raises and launched him forward to actually opening a new branch and brand to a new market (with no other support for 150 miles) – with a 2 year goal of profitability they achieved in only a year.  Even as a rockstar manager, after getting a front-row seat to the financial collapse and having his own concerns about where banking was headed (he was the branch manager saying you didn’t need that fifth credit card and hey, here’s a Dave Ramsey book), he took the leap into the entrepreneurial world and started working with Ashley and 48 Days.

It wasn’t long before he started to get the real estate bug and hired a coach team to learn all the ins and outs of real estate investing.  Under their mentorship and with his own banking knowledge, he turned around and bought two houses in the most difficult and unique ways to purchase – through a self-directed IRA.  Equipped with all this knowledge plus the experience of rehabbing our own home almost entirely by ourselves, he launched into selling real estate – joining a team that has now doubled in production as he has helped them expand to a group where each person can focus on their own strengths and work together for ultimate success not only as agents, but in really empowering clients to know what they are doing and trust them to be authentic and real.  He’s always looked at creative and unique ways of making anything work, and in real estate, it’s no different.  He’s the man who loves to get into crawl spaces and treat each home as if he’s moving his own family in there.  Additionally, as a Nashville native, he knows all the secret local spots.   After testing the waters of travel for a while, he came home and retired his license, ready for the new chapter.

Nowadays he is making incredible feasts for the family, navigating and plotting our path to cover all the states, working on our tiny home, reading and exploring with the kids, and supporting Ashley’s work with occasional cameo appearances.   You’ll see his authenticity and love for what he does immediately, and he’s an incredible example of a non-stereotypical working father (just remember, he’s taken).  🙂



IMG_1335Clara Creative

Our first-born is a true artist in every sense of the word. Her ability to get lost in her own little creative world continually amazes me, and her intuition and ability to negotiate is both exhilarating and terrifying.  What was once my little girl is now budding into an amazing young tween, and her old-soul and intuitive approach toward life is admirable and fascinating.

Her first business at age five was selling muffins, and she learned the awesomeness of tips – making $13 in muffin sales and $15 in tips by her charming personality, she got the biz bug quickly.   She moved up to other baked goods and then her artwork, and has grasped the power in leveraging her art in a way that makes her residual income – realizing instead of making muffins, she can draw a picture, replicate it and sell them as cards was pretty huge.  Her first day of card sales netted her $162!  She currently has cards for sale at several of the local farmers markets, and is on Etsy with one of our fellow unschooling family mamas as well.   She loves dabbling in all kinds of art mediums, whether it’s throwing clay on a pottery wheel, drawing/painting, or creating/editing movies and making her own music in GarageBand.    It’s amazing how she has progressed over the years!  Additionally, 2016 saw the release of her first children’s book, illustrated by her and co-written with her YiaYia (Ashley’s mother).  A large part of her unschooling right now is her blogging and sharing her art on her own website,, where you can also get her cards and book.



Snugglepuppy/ Ellie Rose

The loudest little sweetheart you will ever meet, she will ensure that every person in the room not only sees her, but they hear her as well. Her smile would make anyone melt, and when she’s not wreaking havoc on anything she comes across, she’s pouring out love and snuggles to anyone she sees.

Her exploding imagination guarantees to not only amaze you with the grandiose and drawn out explanations, but we dare you to keep a straight face.  Ever.  She loves to make people laugh, and she’s quite the expert at it.  I love to see her walk up to complete strangers and win them over immediately with her innocent curiosity and desire to be friends.

She wants to be a chiropractor, a mommy, and a world changer/saver when she grows up.  She is spreading the love one interaction at a time with her own rockin website,  Wherever you go, remember you are loved!



The newest addition to the pack, she a dynamite.  Like her Snugglepuppy sister, she is quite the socialite and instantly makes eye contact with everyone in a room to ensure they see her bright smile.  And if I thought my second was feisty, it was only to give a taste of what this girl is like.  Full throttle is a gross understatement.

She’s a screecher and a babbler, and we’re pretty sure she’s got music in her bones, as nothing gets her more excited than watching Daddy play the guitar and “singing” along.  This sweetheart has our whole family wrapped around her finger – we’re eager to see her grow!  *Update – full paragraphs is how she likes to talk.  Actually, it’s more of a run-on sentence.  All. The. Time.

She is strong-willed but oh so sweetly sensitive.  If you look up “hoppin mad”, you should see her picture.   She has a temper and is a force to be reckoned with.  She stands her ground up to the moment you don’t like it…and then her sweet and compliant self simply runs in tears to you for a hug.  One day, she’s gonna grow up.  And… she’ll always be my baby.

harley mug

Harley McQuinn


Harley is just a tad older than Jules, and is definitely another sister.  She has become such an incredible dog, both in her unique features and her awesome temperament.  She is 150% devoted to her “pack” and ensures the girls are safe no matter what adventures we go on. She’s a Catahoula Leopard mix and definitely gets looks anywhere we go.  Her favorite past-time is chasing squirrels, and she’s been known to “scream” when she trees them.   In an open field she’ll stop on a dime if you tell her to, and she has as much energy as our children (but listens a tad faster).  😉





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