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Mama Says Namaste

There are so many topics we can discuss - below you'll find topic ideas as well as previous interviews

Thank you so much for taking the time to be my guest on my podcast! It was a pleasure talking with you and learning more about you. You have an impact on your audience that brings value to their families, and that is a message we need more and more.  

 -Jodi Chaffee,

The Home & Family Culture Podcast

Minimalism Is So Much More... 

Clear the Clutter and Chaos from your home, your head AND your heart - Lessons on boundaries, letting go, and awareness.

Personality...flaws, or flawless?

How to live in your strengths and bring out the best in others.  Essential tips on communication, connection, and grace for how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us.

The Road To Unschool - Creating Life-Long Learners: 

No matter what educational style you choose, I believe we are all life-long learners. So how do you foster a love of learning in your children, and also be the example of a teachable person throughout your life?

Laughter, Humble Pie, and Lots of Sex: 

How To Stay Connected In Your Most Intimate Relationship

"One Day" Is Always In The Future: 

Don't get stuck in "one day" syndrome - either you can make it happen...or you can make an excuse.  Life doesn't stay on pause while you plan for fun later on - how can you incorporate it now?

Life As A Field Trip Gypsy: 

Life on the road - living a location-independent lifestyle - how to overcome your fears, make it sustainable, and embrace a lifelong vacation.

I'm Surrounded By Crazy Minions!  

Who is this monster and what happened to my child? Learn how to motivate and connect with your child based on their personality style.  

Your Family Is Your Top VIPs: 

How to take your family from surviving to thriving by really recognizing them for their strengths and prioritizing them in your life now - not down the road.

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Code of Character Podcast Ashley Logsdon

With Justin Bailey of Code of Character Podcast

Why do we have to wait for ‘one day’ for these feelings to happen? Why can’t we choose to create experiences that allow for these feelings now?” – Ashley Logsdon

With Erik Hemingway of Family Adventure Podcast

The Peaceful Power Podcast with guest Ashley Logsdon - bonus freebies, so check it out!

With Andrea Claasen/PeacefulPower

“Sometimes the best way you can support and encourage one another is by backing off and giving space for them to grow process and develop into who they can be.” – Ashley Logsdon

With Kimberly Travelingo and Mary Beth Goff of RoadSchool Moms

Guest Ashley Logsdon from Mama Says Namaste joins the Luminous Mind podcast to discuss how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us

With Rebecca Bohman/Luminous Mind

podcast guest ashley logsdon unschooling mama says namaste podcasts

With Mike Skiff

podcast guest marriage mama says namaste podcasts ashley logsdon

12-Minute Convos With Engel Jones

Recent Guest Appearances, Blogs, and Speaking Engagements

  • Coaching With Excellence
    Presenting DISC and how to utilize it with Coaching
  • Finding Namaste Within
    DISC Workshop at Fahrenheit Hot Yoga Studio
  • #FieldTripGypsies
    New Family Adventure:  RVing the States Full Time since October 2016
  • Time to Fly
    Published book with excerpts from Ashley Logsdon

What Others Are Saying:

"Ashley and her husband Nathan were absolutely fabulous guests to have on the Extraordinary Show. They were engaging, open, transparent, and a delight to have on the show. Our listeners truly enjoyed their interview, and we saw a phenomenal response in listener engagement. Ashley brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion in all she does, and I would highly recommend her for an interview -- she won't disappoint!"

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