Personality Styles

John Lennon Quote Sometimes, you just don’t get someone.  You don’t connect.  You don’t understand why in the world they talked to you that way, or why they have to obsess over every little detail.  Sometimes, that crazy child living under your roof is so foreign to you that you don’t know how to connect.  Or even worse, your significant other has retreated to a world of indifference while you’re scratching your head wondering why they don’t just want to go out on the town for the night.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in our frustration with others we don’t take a moment to look at ourselves.   And sometimes….we are afraid to.  

I need you to do something for me.  Find a mirror, stand in front of it, and imagine it’s that person that’s driving you crazy or upsetting you right now.  And I want you to say this: “It’s not you, it’s me.”  

Go ahead, say it and get that defensive look of innocence off your face.  You see, the key to the disconnect doesn’t start with them – it starts with you.  And that’s a good thing!  You are the only one you can truly change.  [su_spacer size=”40″]
the uniqueness in each of us strengthens[su_spacer size=”40″]

How well do you know yourself?  Do you know what truly motivates you?  What triggers bring out your worst tendencies?  How to manage, persuade and lead people?  It’s not just about your abilities.  I find that your behavior is a much better predictor of where you will function with success than your raw ability.  And my goal is to not only look at what you are doing, but the root personality traits that show why you are acting that way.  

I love using DISC Personality Profiles.  These are backed by years of validity testing and was originally created by William Marston in the 1920s.  With a mere 24-questions (that’s less than 20 minutes to take), it’s amazing to see what an in-depth report you get back.  This, paired with my reading/analysis of it, provides an incredibly intuitive baseline for understanding yourself and leveraging your natural tendencies.

This is the backbone of everything I talk about here at “Mama Says Namaste”.  For just $35 you can get the profile plus a bonus video where I go over the fears and gifts that trigger both our strengths and weaknesses in each personality style![su_spacer size=”40″]  


CLICK HERE to see a sample profile report

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In the profile alone, you get information on:

  • Understanding your personality style
  • Motivational Characteristics of you behavioral style
  • Communication DOs and DONTs
  • PowerDISC – discover your strengths
  • Action Plan – to improve interpersonal skills

[su_spacer]$100 Special

I’m offering a special deal right now for only $100.  With this, you get the personality profile, complete with 25+ pages of awesomeness explaining all of the above and more (like historical matches to see what brilliant minds share your personality style), plus a video by yours truly explaining the gifts and the fears of each personality style and how to show grace and love for yourself and for other personality styles in your home.  On top of that, you get email access to me for any questions as well as a 30 minute coaching call (via Zoom, so we can record it plus I can see your beautiful face)!  I’ll go over how to understand your graph, any questions you have, and what things you can do at home to strengthen your most important relationships based on your personality style.

For a bit of oomph as to why you want the extra coaching with me, I’ve lived and breathed personality profiles my whole life, growing up as the daughter of Dan Miller, best-selling author and founder of  My primary focus with the company has been on the DISC profiles, and I lead the section on that in all of our coaching events with 48 Days.  I’m DISC Certified, have a degree in Psychology, and love the intuitive side of going further into the graphs and what they can signify in your life.  Although I have plenty of experience working with entrepreneurs and using this in a work environment, my focus on this site is the personal one.  I want to share with you how you can use this simple tool to transform relationships and create an open atmosphere where the family can effectively and lovingly communicate with one another.  I would love to walk through this with you and help you get the most out of this that you possibly can!

Again, this includes:

  • 25+ page personality profile
  • Video explaining the gifts and fears of each personality style and how to trigger the strengths in others and not the weaknesses and stress points!
  • ongoing email access for questions
  • 30 minute 1:1 recorded coaching call (phone or video)

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I use these in every coaching package as the foundation for everything else we walk through, and have reports for children and adults.  Check out the coaches tab above, and you’ll see the option to get this for yourself and/or your family, complete with an analysis that will open your eyes to new ways to connect with those you love the most!DISC Certified jpg

“This computerized profile will reveal your  personality strengths both in the workplace and at home, enabling you to utilize that information in your job search and in building successful relationships everywhere.  It’s like a foundational road map that you can use as a filter for truly finding the Life You Love.”

– Dan Miller, author and career coach,


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How well do you know yourself...and your loved ones?