Couples Portrait Session


How well do you really know each other?  Maybe you are just starting out on this relationship thing, or maybe you’ve been together for a while but are experiencing a bit of a rut.

Sometimes, in our most intimate relationships, we have a tendency to become our worst selves.  We react and grow resentment, bitterness, or simply just lack in tact and kindness. When you learn more about your partner and what triggers their best (and worst) self, you will find deeper connection, commitment, and FUN in your relationship.

• A video by yours truly explaining the gifts and the triggers/fears of each personality style and how to show grace and love for yourself and for each other.
• E-mail access to me for any questions
•  Approx. 90-minutes of coaching – I always allot a full two hours for coaching – the goal is not based on the time spent, but what all you can soak in and work with for one session. I’ll go over how to understand each of your personality snapshots, what you each can do to strengthen your most important relationships based on your personality styles and specifically address some of your specific needs and struggles based on your pre-session insights and profile report. Note – this session can be via phone or zoom, and can be recorded for your personal access later on if you’d like.

PLUS, free printables and resources after our call based on your unique situation!


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