I’m so eager to share with you my daughter’s 12-minute guided meditation – I knew Jules had a way with words, and, for Christmas, she gave me a homemade coupon book with all kinds of sweet gestures. So this week I took her up on the “massage” coupon, and she wowed me with a completely relaxing massage as she spoke a guided meditation that was pretty incredible. So when I asked if she had any interest in sharing these with others, she was thrilled.

Her first guided meditation for the public is your gift for completing the survey below – thank you for being a part of the Mama Says Namaste family!

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As a thank you for doing this survey, our daughter Juliet has created a beautiful guided meditation for your whole family to enjoy. As we look at the new year, we're exploring the idea of her doing more meditations like this, as well as sharing more in other ways. What piques your interest the most -
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