Mama Says Namaste

Family dynamics are not always perfect. In fact, they rarely are. But I've found that by applying the principles of understanding our default behavioral tendencies we can learn so much about how we tend to automatically react.

What are you tolerating in your life...and what are you ready to get intention about creating? Let's get started - and your first step? Subscribe to the Mama Says Namaste Podcast!

DISC personality assessment

With tools like the DISC personality assessments that are used in businesses/organizations, you can discover so much within your own home - learning about the strengths and weaknesses of each family member, what motivates them, and what triggers their reactive behavior.

Sweet Namaste. This is my most favorite word. This is a common salutation in places like India and Nepal, yet it means so much more than the basic "hi".  In essence, it says, "the peace within my soul recognizes the peace within yours." (you can learn more about it here)

Join me as we release the chaos and clutter to create the family environment where everyone is honored and truly enjoys being home.