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Life Harmony Package


Life isn’t perfectly compartmentalized. It’s not just about finding “work you love” or creating that perfect home life. It’s about the harmony between it all, making it work for a full LIFE you thrive in. This is your life harmonizing package to truly ensure you’re growing and flourishing in every area.

Just like a song can carry different harmonies inside it, so can your life. It’s not about making everything equal, but looking at how you can create the song that makes your heart sing. Can you hear the melody – the vision and mission in your life that gives you purpose? Can you easily distinguish the “harmonies” – those many areas of our lives, like family, social, personal, work…and how they play in your song to make a beautiful tune?

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This package can be fully customized to your specific needs. We may focus on your business, schooling options or parenting, mindset or all of the above. This is where we work together to clarify the song you want to create in your life – and then we lay out the instruments you need to make your orchestra complete.

All of my coaching sessions are focused on how much we can get through in a session to then be able to go and take action on; not based on a time-clock. I allot a full 2 hours for each session so we aren’t concerned about going over an hour if needed.

I do offer the option to record all sessions for both video and audio replays – these are strictly for you alone, and are completely optional. If you’d rather to a phone call instead of using Zoom, this is perfectly okay as well.

I follow up every session with an email laying out what we covered and what action steps there are until we meet again, and this is a fluid journey – we create your song and adapt the tune as we grow!

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1 Session INDIVIDUAL- $450, 1 Session – COUPLE – $750, 2 Sessions – $850, 3 Sessions – $1200, 4 Sessions – $1500, 6 Sessions – $2400, 8 Sessions – $3000


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