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31 of the Ultimate Must-Have Gift Ideas for Personality Types

Tis the season for giving

Ah, gift-giving - that thing that delights some and fills others with dread. What do you buy the person who has everything? What do you get when money is tight? And what in the world do you get for those crazy minimalist travelers?

What I've found is that it really helps to understand their personality style. There are four types of people - and the more you understand what motivates them, the more you can hone in on that perfect gift for each.

Here are some suggestions for everyone on your list. Instead of the cliche "something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read," I narrow it down to the splurges we don't always buy on our own but can appreciate as gifts. Books, games, kitchen items and minimalist options seem to cover most people, and I've thrown in some bonus items for each as well. 

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Gifts With Great Impact

As we've shifted more and more into recognizing our impact with the things we buy and hold onto, we're moving to purchasing specifically from companies we believe in that are making an effort to lessen our negative impact and create more positive change for sustainability.

Here are some we recommend checking out:

  • Earth Hero - committed to the planet, you can shop by values and see the impact of the product from inception to end life. 
  • The Greater Good Stores - Millions given to charity - shop to fund people, pets and planet. 
  • Askinosie Chocolate - not just fair trade; a true education on the whole process from bean to bar. 
  • Uncommon Goods - independent makers where every purchase donates back to non-profits you can select at checkout.
  • Kiva - Crowdfunded microloans that change lives. 
  • CottonOn.Com - "Making a positive difference is at the heart of all we do."

*this post contains affiliate links. Bottom line, if it's not something I believe in, I don't promote it. If it IS, then it's no extra charge for you to click on an affiliate link, and I get a little bonus. For more info, please read our disclaimer

Gifts for Every Personality Style

  • High D Style
  • High I Style
  • High S Style
  • High C Style

The Sensitive Supporter

S-wired personality styles love the warm cozy feelings. Curling up and reading a good book, comfort items like blankets and hot cocoa, and homemade items mean a lot to this personality style. As great listeners who tend to not be the first to step up and talk, noticing what they are interested in and getting them a thoughtful gift that caters to it can go a long way. Gifts that show you’ve been paying attention to what’s important to them - ones that validate something they love - are appreciated. And, anything that is relational - a family picture, for example - can mean the world. 

To read

A Wrinkle In Time Series - Boxed Quintet

I have so enjoyed reading this series to the girls. Full of fantasy, science and physics, we’re learning a ton! Plus, the big words have become a beautiful opportunity for building vocabulary - from cacophony to entropy, we’ve pulled so much from these books. And, for those Ss, what better way to spend time together than to cuddle up and read books aloud with your children? Learn more...

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

"We imitate until we are ready to innovate" - get over your fear and let those creative juices flow. This is such a magical book to really give you the push and affirmation that you are powerful beyond measure, and the world needs that special something that only you have! This book helped me find my own voice amidst the awesomeness around me, and develop it into what is now Mama Says Namaste. Learn more...

In The Kitchen


S-wired styles like the easy route - not out of laziness; it’s simply that they flow like water. Water doesn’t jump all over or always forge a new path - it flows around obstacles toward the path of least resistance. The more you can add in ease and comfort, the more an S is going to open up and blossom. In the kitchen, nothing says big fat easy button like an InstantPot! I’ve gotten my whole family hooked, and it’s a go-to gift for anyone I know who likes to cook. In the full-time RVing world, it’s one of those “must haves” that everyone raves about. We use ours almost daily, especially for making rice and cooking beans - we can take dry beans and, an hour later, have them cooked to perfection! As a pressure cooker, crockpot, rice maker, yogurt maker and more, it is one appliance to replace a ton! Learn more...

For The Minimalist

Shamma Sandals

My husband Nathan LOVES his Shamma Sandals. We weren’t sure how well they would hold up, but he has literally worn them every single day. Not a week goes by that he doesn’t remind me again how much he loves his shoes, and the “oneness” he feels with the earth while hiking in them is fabulous. They do just enough to cover the bottoms of his feet to allow these to be the closest thing to being barefoot while still offering some protection against sand spurs and sharp rocks. Learn more...

Family Fun

Wildcraft: An Herbal Adventure

This is a great educational game that is perfect for the S-wired family members. Instead of competing against one another, this is a cooperative game where you work together with the other players to accomplish the goal - to travel up the mountain to the huckleberry patch and back to Grandma’s before nightfall. Along the way, you learn about 25 important edible and medicinal plants, and use your skills to help each other out! This is also great for the non-readers, since it’s not required to be able to read. This is like Chutes and Ladders with an educational twist that is great for families to play together. Learn more...

Bonus Gift Ideas

Renee & Jeremy: A Little Love

I love this album - it’s full of cover songs I know like Coldplay’s “Yellow” and the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give It Away”. Yet it’s set to this mellow acoustic feel with a beautiful duet of harmony and melody by Renee and Jeremy. This was my first intro music for the Mama Says Namaste podcast, and still a favorite album to listen to as a family. It’s our “chillin’” music! Learn more...

Corinthian Bell Wind Chimes

These aren’t just your average wind chimes. Corinthian bell chimes are smooth-sounding. It’s almost a muted symphony of music that isn’t overbearing or too tinny, but the perfect background ambience for peace and tranquility. Just right to have chiming in the breeze as you sit on the porch reading a good book! Learn more...

This is, of course, just the tip of the iceburg, and I can go crazy with creative ideas for homemade gifts, events and acts of service. But when it comes to all your Amazon shopping, this can get you started.

What are your favorite gifts you can see fitting a specific personality style?

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