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The mama in me sees the mama in you

What did you envision family would look like?  Especially with young children, it's easy to get lost in the chaos and feel overwhelmed.  But there is so much more - parenting isn't a negative life sentence full of clutter.  Your marriage can still thrive.  You can explore alternative education and find what works for your family.  And ultimately, understanding the beautiful personalities under your own roof allows for a place where everyone thrives.  The uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us.  It's time to get intentional about creating that family you love to come home to!


Parenting...similar to herding cats, it's a wild ride with lots of crazy turns. You've got this. We can start with these 10 essential lessons for life...learned from being a parent. Read more...


This is about so much more than clear countertops. Minimalism goes way deeper than the surface. Dive in to clearing the clutter from your home, your head...and your heart.  Let's start simple, and conquer overwhelm in your life. Learn more

Alternative Education

I believe in "functional education."  Like the mind/body/soul approach of functional medicine, it expands education beyond subjects or a classroom to create a climate of possibility for lifelong learning. Learn more

Love & Marriage

Family starts with the relationship between you and your partner. In our "Laughter, Humble Pie & Lots of Sex" series, we dig in to the core components of a happy relationship. Start with these 37 tips to save your marriage. Read more...


Ashley, you have impressed me so, put even more faith into what I believed was possible for a coaching experience. I have no bad feedback! What I love and appreciate most - your honesty, your accountability, your ability to approach all the wheels, your guidance like a momma, a sister, and a mentor all in one. What you say in your mission & your website is absolutely amazingly true and comes out shining in what you say and do. Thank you for being so genuinely you, and helping me unleash the me inside of me with grace.



Ashley was an amazing masterpiece of both my personal and professional development. Since the first time I got the chance to talk to her, she helped me prioritize what is important in my life both personally and professionally. She was the start of the journey of my family’s freedom giving me great insights about how can I manage better my home, my marriage, my homeschooling and my new business as Spanish Coach.



From the first call, I got more than what I expected. I needed a trusted and reputable accountability partner, and got so much more. Ashley’s unique style and ability to guide through all the wheelhouses absolutely helped to enlighten my own path.  I lacked direction and was in a state of overwhelm. Today, I’m only overwhelmed with all the possibilities, and am already heading in a fulfilling direction. I am so grateful and honored to have Ashley at my side. While I am discovering my own true calling, it is so very beautifully evident what Ashley’s is. The best investment I made in myself is having Ashley as my coach.


Personality Snapshots

If you want your big fat easy button for getting in sync with your family, go deeper than the surface with the Namaste Personality Snapshots.  Based on the DISC Personality Assessments, these give you insights into your strengths, helps you recognize your triggers, and equips you with ways to communicate where your relationships thrive.  Available for children as young as 5!

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