Family dynamics are rarely perfect.

Pulling your hair out with a toddler?

Struggling with schooling decisions for your kids?

Just married and want to start off on the right foot?

Been married a while and want to sync back up with the person you fell in love with?

Looking to declutter and find yourself and your happiness again?

By applying the principles of understanding personality, awareness and intention, you can discover the strengths and the weaknesses of each family member, what motivates them and what triggers their reactive behavior. 

Dive in with me - learn about the power of personality styles, perspective and positivity and how much of an impact it has on your family.

That is essentially what Namaste means: The light in me honors the light in you. As parents, spouses and family members we can honor the light in each other by first understanding them.

With this perspective, you can see how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us!

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Imagine a snapshot of yourself that goes deeper than the surface.  When we get our picture taken, we strive to be in the best light, the best angle, and have that perfect smile.  With the Mama Says Namaste Snapshot Profile, we dig into the beautiful strengths that are your natural tendencies.  You'll learn how to identify them, how to stay motivated, and deep insights into how your family ticks.  More...