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Welcome to all things parenting! Whenever we do a podcast episode and blog post (yep, we cover both written and audio for a full experience however you process best), it'll show up here when the focus is on parenting styles. 

For free inspiration, and a way to get to know me better before you work with me, here are plenty of episodes to weed through. Check out the titles and summaries and start with what resonates with you at this moment. It may open up a door to a new insight you can apply today! And, if you have any questions, shoot me a note - I'd love to be a support for you. 

If you’re a more holistic family like we are, you are probably well aware of the concept of functional medicine, and the mind, body, and soul approach to looking at your health. And if you’re getting my emails, you know my idea of the whole-life approach of functional education. What if you take this same Dig deeper

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The Mind, Body, and Soul of Relationships: A Holistic Approach to Connection (Episode 319)
just own it yourself finding joy mama says namaste

As we peer down less than a week before Christmas, I know those expectations and tensions can be high, or in full tilt as the festivities have already begun. Where is your joy? Can you…just own it as your own, regardless of what is around you?  Can you find joy in what is, despite it Dig deeper

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Just Own It (Episode 282)