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It’s another day of upside down in my world as I sit here by my father’s bedside watching him transition to a place beyond this lifetime. Walking my father home has proved to be an utterly bittersweet and beautiful and raw time for our whole family…and we’re still in the midst of it, even as Dig deeper

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Breaking Down Judgment: 3 Tools for Approaching Life with Empathy and Compassion (Episode 334)

After a bit of an unexpected hiatus, we’re back. For those of you already subscribed to my weekly newsletter, you may have heard the news. You know the news if you’re part of my father’s 48Days community.On love, life, and grieving…Listen to this episode on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, YouTube, iHeartRadio or your RSS Dig deeper

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My Father’s Legacy: Navigating Grief and Walking Him Home (Episode 333)

Have you ever considered the invisible load of managing a home? Those countless tasks and the mental and emotional energy it takes to keep the household running smoothly? I’ve heard enough about the invisible, mental, and/or emotional load of running a household. There are so many variables to consider!  As I was scrolling through my Instagram Dig deeper

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Notice and Do: A Whole Family Approach To Managing The Invisible Load (Episode 328)

We’re covering our take on Susan Scott’s book, “Fierce Conversations” in this episode – and how we can take her “mineral rights” steps into the home for deeper connections with your partner and your children.  I want to explore how we can apply the principles from Susan Scott’s book, Fierce Conversations, not only in the workplace Dig deeper

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Honest Talks, Lasting Bonds: Applying Fierce Conversations to Strengthen Your Family (Episode 325)

If you’re a more holistic family like we are, you are probably well aware of the concept of functional medicine, and the mind, body, and soul approach to looking at your health. And if you’re getting my emails, you know my idea of the whole-life approach of functional education. What if you take this same Dig deeper

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The Mind, Body, and Soul of Relationships: A Holistic Approach to Connection (Episode 319)

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