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Family Update: The Compassionate Heart Philosophy (Episode 112)

What’s going on in the Logsdon world lately? It’s been a while since we’ve shared about our travels, and Juliet, Nathan and I share a bit about where we are now. In this episode, we dig into a new concept we’ve leaned into as a family – a “compassionate heart philosophy”. 

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Travel life, Farm life

The other side of the traveling coin is our desire to have a farm full of animals for us to really pour into. Our travels took us to Howell, Utah, where we camped on a family farm and got fully immersed in the farm life, including the county fair, 4-H, and FFA.

We moved goat pens, fed chickens and goats, ran with lambs, pet cows, and loved on sweet kittens and puppies. We went to the fair and watched our new friends win Grand Champion with their heifers, steers, goats and lambs. We saw all kinds of awesome animals for sale, and we toyed with our dream of having our own hobby farm.

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And yet. Even with the beauty of what they had, we saw the deliberate intention and sacrifice they had to make to live that lifestyle. Our desire for travel means minimal things. Their love for the farm means they can’t just pick up and go like we can. The time commitment to keep the farms running smoothly is not something they take lightly.

Although we loved our time on the farm, we recognized the weight of responsibility and time commitment would be a pretty drastic move from our nomadic lifestyle we’ve been living the past three years.

What are we doing that allows for the most life harmony?

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Feeling Stuck?

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You invest in toys, date nights or Disney. When was the last time you invested in something to get intentional with your family connection?

Our RV Living

We started stewing on this “Compassionate Heart Philosophy”….and what it would really mean to have a compassionate heart.

Our next stretch was in Las Vegas, in miserable 115 degree heat and no shade. We are not city folk, and Vegas is not high on our list of favorite places to visit. One quick smoldering afternoon on the strip and we were city-d out. But we went to sell our truck camper. We had a buyer there, and some possible leads on a new RV for us. So off we went, to swelter in the heat and go through all kinds of emotional ups and downs.

Clara and I started dreaming big. What new animals shall we get? Where can all the plants go? We found “the perfect” RV that was only $5,000 over what we were budgeting…

Nathan was dreaming in the other direction; going shorter, lighter, and more nimble. He envisioned us building a triple bunk in the living room and us all just living right on top of each other.

We both went with extremes – us wanting to hold onto so much stuff with our “weighted mansion” and him not allowing for the space we do crazy to have a little spot just for each of us.

t's about a perspective shift. You are the director of your future. Regardless of your job or who you think you answer to, you ultimately answer to yourself. Are you in charge, or are you a pawn for your company? Are you stepping up and taking ownership in your life? You can do this without building an empire. 

Going back to our Why

We’ve had to really address our “why” again, and what we really want to get out of our travels. We want to explore, to connect, listen, respect, learn and loveThis has been our family vision for so long. We’ve decided that, with our new RV, will come a fresh look at our family vision and what we want it to be. Now that our children are older, it’s time to re-evaluate it and ensure it encompasses all we want as a family.

We're somehwere in the desert between opinion and desire.

When we started to dig into our “why”, more opportunities presented themselves. Opportunities to explore different lifestyles and really explore at what we wanted. We looked beyond the either/or opportunities and looked at more “and” solutions.

All these little animals and plants started to come into our lives a lot as we started to talk about it and think about it. When we look at life with a growth mindset, this fits our functional education model of learning even more about what works for us.

We had to look past the pulled heartstrings and the desperation of being hot and cramped and irritable, and recognized that we had to put things into perspective and look at practicality and rationality, not just what we wanted in the moment.

In San Diego, we fell in love with a stray kitten whom Clara quickly befriended and earned his trust. Now we had the heavy weight of whether we take on this little life in our homes or not. We had to look at not just what we wanted, but what was in the best interest of this little kitten.

The Compassionate Heart Philosophy

There are so many animals – and humans – we can pour into without having to “claim ownership” of them.

You can make an impact that isn’t an ongoing impression. Some people – and animals – will come in our lives, and then move on. It’s okay to love and let go.

Work through the feelings of new and desire – a new journey, a new RV, a new animal…our first instincts are go gather, hold, keep and go. We all dealt with desires that wanted us to go deeper down into commitment that wasn’t always reflecting what our life plan was.

We’re looking through one lens, and it may not be the perspective we all see. When you co-create, it takes time. It takes letting the good and the hard emotions, letting them flow, and getting more and more clear on how we can move forward together. And sometimes that means simply choosing a path, knowing there are other paths out there that are just as desirable.

Simply Love

When we shifted our focus to the best option for the kitten, for example, we were able to all pour on the love for this little kitten while we were with him, recognizing that it was a short-term commitment. Love for the moment, even if you aren’t going to be in it for the long haul.

Love even when the purpose is different than your desire or expectation.

Love even when you need to let go.

Your Weekly Challenge:

Look at where you have an opportunity to have a compassionate heart. Even if it’s not taking it all in, or taking ownership/responsibility. Maybe it’s just for a moment. Open your home to another kiddo to love for a short bit and let them experience family in your home. 

Love on some animals just for a period without keeping them forever – foster, or work at a shelter or farm. Look for opportunities this week to love and let go as a family.

We love change, and we’re excited to embark on our next season with a new RV, and we’re excited to dig more into the “compassionate heart philosophy.” The uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us. Namaste.

Nathan and Ashley Logsdon

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