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Love and Marriage

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My Marriage is Slipping Away From Me (Episode 187)

What do you do when you think your marriage is falling apart? What do you do when you’re starting to see the cracks, and you don’t know what can be repaired? It can be really scary when you’re facing a mountain between you two, so let’s break it down a bit. This is a touchy

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When the “Same Ole Marriage” Isn’t Working Anymore (Episode 153)

Have marriage woes gotten you down? Sometimes we can get so stuck into routine or reaction mode we fall into the “same ole'” way of doing things…and then, at some point, we realize how far away from our dreams we’ve floated. If your marriage isn’t working, maybe it’s time for a bit of a relationship

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Tendencies, Unmet Expectations & Personality Clashes (Episode 137)

How do you respond to expectations? From your partner, your boss, even your parents? It’s amazing how our behavioral tendencies can shape so much, including our perspectives and our ability to connect with others.Natural Tendencies can be your Insight into deeper connectionListen to this episode on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, YouTube, iHeartRadio or your RSS Feed  *Now also on the Pandora app and

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Serving Your Spouse (Episode 136)

Do you serve your spouse? The last two episodes we dug deep into what can lead to divorce, as well as navigating blended families. This week we want to focus in on one powerful thing that can get pretty misconstrued in our girl-power world – serving your spouse.Serving Your Spouse isn’t Submission; it’s Essential in

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Bonus parents, step parents, and blended families (Episode 135)

Are you navigating a blended family? Let’s be clear – this isn’t just about when they are young – this is for families navigating divorce, period. This affects the whole family regardless of when it happens, and this week we’ll talk about some strategies to keep the peace when the issue of exes and step

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6 Traits Destined For Divorce (Episode 134)

Do you feel you have a solid marriage? Do you see the good in your partner and feel supported in who you are? Maybe not. Maybe you’re walking on eggshells, or lashing out in defensiveness every move you make, or even already see the path to divorce clearly in front of you. Do you feel

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Company Is Coming! Your Survival Guide (Episode 133)

Have you had those moments, maybe during the holidays, when you were entertaining, hosting, and generally being “on” for an extended period of time? Maybe the thought of having company now fills you with dread, or you feel trapped in the obligation of making everyone happy.Company is coming, and here is your survival guide to

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I Hate To Break It To Him… How to Communicate Effectively (Episode 130)

How do you communicate effectively? Think about this in your home and beyond. We talk a lot about personality styles on here, and the importance of understanding how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us. We’re going to share two key lessons to move from basic communication to true connection. Lack of communication

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What Is Your Word For The Year? (Episode 128)

What is your word for the year? It’s 2020 – a new year, and time for a fresh start. It’s often a time for a word/theme/mantra to get intentional about a new year. We polled a bunch of you to hear what your 2020 themes are, and we dig into words/phrases, mantras and themes of

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5 Senses To Break The Cycle of A Negative Mindset (Episode 125)

Are you stuck in a negative mindset? Last podcast episode we talked about 3 steps you can take to shift that mindset and get you where you want to be. In this episode, we break it down to the five senses, and how each sense can feed your positivity…or negativity. ⁠How much do all five

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3 Mindset Shifts Before You Hit a Brick Wall (Episode 124)

What limiting beliefs may be holding you back from the life you dreamed of? It sounds a bit hokey, but seriously. Think about it. A limiting belief is something that holds you back; a limit you cannot cross. It may be what you think you can earn, how creative you are, or even just about

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The Top Qualities for a Successful Marriage (Episode 123)

What are the top qualities you need for a successful marriage? Dr. Laura Berman shares some based on research and studies, and we add in our own critical essentials for a successful, happy and healthy relationship!In this episode and post below, you’ll find all kinds of resources to rock your marriage – so dig in

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The Ride Is Long for a Backseat Marriage (Episode 114)

Feel like you have a backseat marriage? Have kids taken over and you feel distant from the relationship that started it all? In this episode, we talk about the backseat marriage and how to prioritize it when you have children at homeListen to this episode on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, YouTube, iHeartRadio or your

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Will My Marriage Last? Insights from John Gottman (Episode 113)

In this episode, we cover John Gottman’s “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” – the surefire ways to break a relationship down. Plus, the consistent steps that keep a relationship healthy.  We have had our share of ups and downs, and this week, in the midst of a move, we know very well the potential tensions that

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opposites attract

Opposites Attract…And How To Live With Them (Episode 86)

Do opposites attract? HOW do opposites attract? And how in the world do I handle them? February’s episode is all about love and the ups and downs of living with your opposite. This isn’t just opposites attract quotes, but real life application to ensure you thrive.

Oftentimes the biggest struggles in opposite couples is the desire to have the other person view things like you do. When you push for your partner to be/do/think the same as you and that’s not their natural behavior, it can be a slippery slope of disappointment and frustration.

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Valentine’s Sweet Valentine’s – The History and the Mystery

Valentine’s Day, ah, the quest for love and romance! Actually, I did a little research and learned a few things about this little holiday. What to write in a post about this holiday? What romantic ideas do I have to share?  I can write pages on how awesome my spouse is or how to keep the romance alive, however what keeps

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3 Secrets for A Long-Lasting Marriage

Ah, looking back…as I’m revitalizing the post, I’m now quickly approaching fifteen years of marriage. How do you build a long-lasting marriage? It’s been so fun having these blog posts to look back on and see what still holds true. And this topic…still stands strong.  It’s been fun creating pieces that challenge me in my own

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reaction opportunity

What is your goal? Or maybe that is the wrong question to be asking

What is your goal? Whether it’s a bucket-list item or a goal for your most intimate relationship, it goes much deeper than simply making a statement.

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What will it take to make you step up and do something about it? (Episode 77)

Are you feeling stuck in negativity and complacency? Are you hitting a wall and not seeing any hope? This is the episode for you. There are times that require a bit MORE than a course correction. It may be time for a serious shift and redirect. And that’s what this episode is all about.In this

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Discuss, But Never Argue

 On the blog “Confessions of a Terrible Husband,” Nick Pavlidis shared about how to have an argument-free marriage.  My first inclination is that a marriage without disagreements isn’t a very deep one.  However…I then read deeper into it and realized that the issue at hand is not about disagreeing – it’s about the word “argument”.If

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Laughter, Humble Pie and Lots of Sex Part 2

new here?If you just stumbled on this, you’re reading part 2 of my “Laughter, Humble Pie & Lots of Sex” series.  You can check out the rest here:Part 1 : Communication, Respect, TeamworkPart 2: GrowabilityPart 3: Lovemaking and LaughterDiscuss, But Never ArguePin for later:​Tip #4:”Growability” is a Powerful Thing”Growability” is Nathan’s invented word. I like it

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Laughter, Humble Pie and Lots of Sex Part 3

New here?If you just stumbled on this, you’re reading part 3 of my “Laughter, Humble Pie & Lots of Sex” series.  You can check out the rest here:Part 1 : Communication, Respect, TeamworkPart 2: GrowabilityPart 3: Lovemaking and LaughterDiscuss, But Never ArguePin for Later: Tip #5: Make Love, Not War!Warning. This will be oversharing. As you know

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communication and happy marriage

Laughter, Humble Pie, and Lots of Sex…part one

When I first met my husband, I was a fickle nineteen-year-old ready to party all the way through college.  I didn’t take him seriously.  But he drew me in – there was something about him.  He was authentic.  He was humble.  He was sweet and caring.  And had just enough bad boy to give him the

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dont get stuck

My Marriage Sucks (Episode 66)

Hopefully this isn’t what you’re thinking. But if it is, check out this podcast. Marriage isn’t a one-time commitment, but a daily practice. It’s a choice to love and connect, each and every day. It’s a beautiful habit you create. In this episode, we talk about how marriage is a choice. not simply to perform the

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Mountain Lion Finances

Money, Marriage, and Mountain Lions (Episode 58)

Nathan shares his story of coming up face-to-face with a mountain lion in Washington, and we tackle the biggest mountain in marriage – finances.In this episode, Nathan and I discuss finances in marriage, and how to keep this from being a tension point in your home.Listen to this episode on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn,

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How Do You Navigate Gender Roles In Marriage? (Episode 56)

How do you navigate gender roles in marriage? So often the first question people ask is: “What do you do?” But, how do you identify yourself when your work does not bring in a paycheck? Is there an antagonist in your life that is creating pain – or that define what your social expectations are? Let’s explore gender

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37 Essential Tips To Save Your Marriage

“How To Fix Your Marriage”Wow, if only it were as easy as a simple google search!  Like it or not, “how to fix your marriage” is just not a simple easy button or blanket formula that will always work.  That being said, there are some very powerful insights that will help you move toward deeper

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Creating Your Family Vision – Your Key for Family Connection

Is your family really your priority?What Happened To Family Connection?Pin for later:Vision statements, mission statements, strategy and branding.  As a working mama, these are common things we talk about in the business world.  Entrepreneurs are great at investing in those things that will get them further in their business, and “personal development” courses to increase

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What is your purpose for money?

“I’ll truly be free to live my life once…”   Once what?  Nine times out of ten, “once” revolves around money.  That dreaded thing we often feel enslaved to.  But what, truly, is the purpose for money?  There is so much that money can’t buy. We talked about gaining independence in the podcast this week, and,

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Here Come The Holidays…and the Relationship Drama (Episode 27)

Here come the Holidays…and Relationship Drama Do you feel the relationships in your life are what makes it all worthwhile, or are you stuck in the feeling of dread and obligation dealing with toxicity and resentment?  Listen to this episode on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, YouTube or your RSS Feed This is the final wrap-up

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