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What Is Your Word For The Year? (Episode 128)

What is your word for the year? It's 2020 - a new year, and time for a fresh start. It's often a time for a word/theme/mantra to get intentional about a new year. We polled a bunch of you to hear what your 2020 themes are, and we dig into words/phrases, mantras and themes of the year…and why it’s significant to identify them! 

Let's dig into even more than a simple word for the year!

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Looking back...

Back in 2015, we started this whole grand adventure. You can hear the full story in my foundational episode, "what is all this namaste stuff?".

This inspired many blog posts and a new intention for every year, starting with that magical word, awe. In 2016 we set out to find awe in everything. In 2017, the word was focus, and in 2018, the focus was on “and”. In 2019, we focused on “unhurried spaciousness”.

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Where are we this week?

Guess what? We're still in Florida!! Surprise, surprise. It's still the holiday season a bit for us as we have rotated through every grandparent coming to visit! 

We had a day in between grandparents, and now are enjoying the last of the rounds with Grammy, hanging at the pool and using our new goggles we got for Christmas!

What You Had To Say About It...

There were some incredible words and themes shared when I posed this question on FaceBook, and as we go through them in this episode and below, look for what resonates with you and may help you in your own intention.

What is this your word for the year? And how can you dig deeper to make this your year of... what?  

Your Word For The Year Is...

Here are a few of your insights I polled on Facebook:

Not Sure How To Narrow This Down?

Here are a few more thoughts on words

You can pick a single word, like:

  • Intentional
  • Perspective
  • Achieve
  • Meaning
  • Flow
  • Brave
  • Focus
  • Awe
  • Space
  • Clarity
  • Ease
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Kindness

Or you can try a concept, like:

Or you can pick a mantra – something you say on repeat that really solidifies, like:

  • Complete, don’t compete
  • Aloha Ke’Akua
  • Don’t be a jerk (this has been a theme for us as well)
  • Be love
  • Hakuna Matata
  • Be the Change You Wish To See in the world

Your Weekly Challenge:

So, what is your word for the year? Or what will open up your "reticular activator" to keep your focus this year? When we create an intention and bring it to our awareness, it's amazing how you'll see more of it in your life. Let me know - what resonates with your family?

Nathan and Ashley Logsdon

Questions or comments?

Personality styles, marriage/intimacy, parenting, education, minimalism or travel - what is pressing on your mind?

Or, hop on over to the Mama Says Namaste or Unschooling Families FB groups and ask your question there!

Ashley Logsdon

Ashley Logsdon is a Family and Personality Styles Coach and Lifelong Learner. She and her husband Nathan are RVing the States and unschooling their 3 girls. Her mission is to shift the mindsets of families from reaction to intention, and guide them in creating the family they love coming home to. Looking deeper than the surface, we assess the strengths, triggers, and simplifying your lifestyle so you truly recognize how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us. Join the Mama Says Namaste Facebook Group

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