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4 Steps To Make Your Bucket List Happen (Episode 65)

What on your bucket list? Hitting all the state parks in your own state, visiting every state in the US, explore Nova Scotia, traveling abroad to Holland, New Zealand, Greece or Bali…these are all dreams I’ve heard recently. So how do you make your bucket list happen?! 

In this episode, we share 4 simple tips to make your bucket list dreams a reality.

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Don't Live with regret 

I talk often about not waiting for “one day” and for making things happen now. So often people on their death bed look back with regret not for what they’ve done, but what they didn’t get to. 

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Joanne Miller Live Adventure

Where are we this week?

Seattle Gum Wall

We went to the Pike Place Public Market, the space needle, an awesome playground, and so much more…even the disgustingly famous gum wall!

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Fly Like An Eagle

The 48 Days Eagles Community is made of entrepreneurs, creatives, podcasters and coaches who are looking for resources and connections to help them find or create work they love.

This is an amazing membership community to take you further with creating the life - and work - you thrive in. We are currently holding these micro “eagles nests” in different key areas of focus. I’m leading one for Full Time Travelers for the next 48 Days. 

Our first challenge?

John BarryMore No Regrets

Keep the conversation going!

Put a Date On It!

It makes it real. It can be two weeks or five years from now. But simply writing down a date helps to make it a reality for you. Not in concrete so you cannot change or adjust, but having a good idea of the feasibility of when you want to go and what the price will be. 

Set a Budget

What do we want, what do we need, what is important? It started us down the minimalist path to clear out clutter. As we have an idea of WHEN and WHY we want to do something, we can start breaking down the logistics - when you go, what will will it cost?  

Create a list and prioritize

  • Research/crowdsource
    • Find blogs, ask on facebook - learn about where you’re headed
  • Plot out your itinerary
    • What are the top key things you want to do? This isn't to plot out every second, but to look for your big anchors you definitely want to do/see.

Plot it out, yet remember that flexibility is numero uno!

I've learned to appreciate the adventure.
Sometimes being so stuck in having to have security all the time robs you of the opportunities to learn how far you can go - 
how fun life can be. 
-Joanne Miller

Look for what you can anchor - instead of listing everything you have to do and see, look for those biggies you want to be sure not to miss. Sometimes we lump so much in it's overwhelming, and/or we're dissapointed when we can't fit it all in. So be realistic about what you can cover, and look for those big aspects that are critical.

Anchoring is a great way to combat the overwhelm and help you feel like you really accomplished something - bookend the day and allow for flexibility in the afternoon, or anchor the key things you want to see, or that one thing you need to accomplish today…

Once you have a rough idea of it, go ahead and book the big details - the flight, the lodging (I highly recommend AirBnB), the big event, etc. What do you need to go ahead and book in advance?

Start the mindset now!

what is the feeling behind the goal? Dig deeper than the surface - it wasn’t just about the adventure, but digging deeper, it’s that feeling of being even deeper than the present moment. 

Once you carry that air of opportunity, welcoming serendipity, and rolling with the flow, it really changes the way life comes at you. We start to see opportunities come where we didn’t have the same mindset. 

Your Weekly Challenge:

Go on an imaginary adventure with your children, and create the adventure in your mind’s eye first. Imagine and visualize how you want to me your adventure go. Then verbalize it! How will you feel when you accomplish, or are experiencing, that bucket list thing? 

bucket list

What is on your bucket list that everyone wants to do together? Go back to your family vision and explore what would be an adventure that includes something everyone wants. Allow for the possibility of it being even more than you expected - like going to a place, yet not knowing every detail of what it offers - allow for spontaneity and opportunity to talk to the locals. Then…set a date on it. 

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seek adventure together

Share with us where you’re headed and when you’re going! Voice it and make it a reality beyond yourself. You may get some great crowdsourcing ideas as well!

Nathan and Ashley Logsdon

Questions or comments?

Personality styles, marriage/intimacy, parenting, education, minimalism or travel - what is pressing on your mind?

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