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Clutter Is Simply A Postponed Decision (Episode 19)

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Clutter Is Simply A Postponed Decision

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of what most people think of with minimalism – clearing out that clutter from your house!  We focus on clear actionable steps you can take now to reduce the mess and allow for space.  We talk about how to clear it out…and KEEP it out so you have the blank space for your soul to breathe. 


Welcome to Season Three on the Mama Says Namaste Podcast.  In this series, we will focus on how to clear the clutter not just from your home, but also your head and your heart to create that space for clarity and connection.

Join me and dive in to “The Minimalist To-Do List!”

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6 Steps To Begin Decluttering Your House To Make Space For Your Soul To Breathe.


We aren’t looking for this perfect ideal of blank space where we bring nothing in.  It’s okay to have things that bring you joy, and to hold on to things for a time.  But like the quote says, make a decision and put a time limit on it.  If you hold on to something for “one day” and years go by, it’s not happening.  Do an annual assessment of what you’re holding on to. 

The 80/20 rule. 

Don’t be such a die-hard that it stresses you out and you can allow for no flexibility.  So 80% of the time, stay true with what lines up for you – being vegan, a minimalist, whatever.  And 20% of the time, it’s okay to change that up a bit – don’t be so strict in your rules that you won’t bend to accommodate another.  Especially when it comes to what brings someone else joy, like gift-giving. 

On the topic of gift-giving, look beyond a physical gift and think about experiences or consumables that don’t take up space.

Trim your clutter back to what is needed and used – do you really need the WHOLE cooking set?  Five spatulas?  Do you need to hold on to items that are a gadget that is used only once a year?  How many things take up space in our house for the sake of saving a few minutes in the preparation process?6 Steps To Begin Decluttering Your House To Make Space For Your Soul To Breathe.

Start small. 

Start with the junk drawer.  Do you really need to hold on to every screw and electronic cord?  How expensive is it in the “one day” event that you may need it?

Completely clean the area – make it all bare.  Start with a clean slate.  Then only put out what is essential.  If it’s something you don’t use frequently, you don’t need to have it all out on display.  Allow for some blank space for your eyes to rest – the same as reading a book. 


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Who are your VIPs?  Are you holding on to fancy items, waiting for who is “worthy” of you using them? 

It’s okay to keep the sentimental things – but how many do you really need?  A great way to remember without accumulating a ton is to take a picture.  Try out ChatBooks. Use my code and get your first book free:  RGYCAMC3

Sort your things into:

  • Keep – you use it regularly, it brings great joy to someone in your family.
  • Trash – take a picture if it’s special, and that may be nicer than holding on to a glitter-laden huge poster.
  • Thrift – practical, but not necessary…like having 5 spatulas.
  • Gift – maybe it’s something someone has admired in your home or it has a good story – and it’s even more special because it came from your home that you cherished.  It’s even okay to (gasp) re-gift.  Pass it on to people who really enjoy them.  That doesn’t mean you just turn around and get rid of things, but sometimes they stay with you for a season and then it’s time to pass it on. 

Finally – go on a spending freeze! 

Once your space is clean, don’t use this as permission to go out and bring more in.  Ask yourself “what it the goal for that item?  What will it bring back in to my life?”  When you bring one thing in, maybe that’s when you eliminate 2-3 items you already have. 

Don’t let things limit your experience.  If your children’s clothes make you stressed for them to play and explore, are you holding them back from free play?  It can be so fun to play dress-up.  But when they are so fancy you have to sit prim and proper, it can truly limit you.  Or you have so many outfits, your mind is spent just making a decision on what to wear.

The Power of Full Engagement – the more you trim choices down, the more clear and vibrant your decision-making will be. 

Sleep on your decision-making.  If you don’t touch it in six months, give it to someone else who would enjoy it.  Sell quality items to save up money for the events you could do instead. 

Look for ways to clear clutter, and focus more on one another.

Get more practical tips plus some of my before and after pics on my blog:


About the author, Ashley Logsdon


Ashley Logsdon is a Family and Personality Styles Coach and Lifelong Learner. She and her husband Nathan are RVing the States and unschooling their 3 girls. Her mission is to shift the mindsets of families from reaction to intention, and guide them in creating the family they love coming home to. Looking deeper than the surface, we assess the strengths, triggers, and simplifying your lifestyle so you truly recognize how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us.

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