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There are so many great resources I am thrilled to share with you!  In order to make things easy, I've broken them in to some great gift guides based on the theme - check them out and share away!  

*Yes, these are affiliate links - I only promote what I believe in and love - full disclaimer if it's something I haven't personally used.  

Looking for a few more ideas? Check out these blog posts

Looking for things to do in Nashville, TN? Get some insights into favorites with an unschooling foodie family for some favorite places for the locals! 

What does "namaste" really mean? How about "om"? What is the significance of this on this website, and why would I want it in my home?  

I highly recommend these little conversation starters in your home, and I have a special interview where I talk with the founder of Bright Littles, Tara Miko, about how you navigate difficult topics in your home, even with the youngest of children. Meaningful Conversations: Interview with Tara Miko of Bright Littles (Episode 227)

Check out Dr. Laura Bergman’s “Quantum Love” series: We have really learned a lot and have experienced “quantum love” at a whole new level. I highly recommend it!

This is another full time traveling friend who knows all things amber and hazelwood - I love her beautiful necklaces and other goodies, and she's shared a coupon code for all of you! Enter in the code Namaste10 for 10% off your purchase!

The word is funny, the SCOBY is gross, and the taste is acquired. However, it’s benefits are awesome, and we’ve replaced regular vinegar with booch vinegar for everything. Check out Kombucha Mama and get a free tutorial on how to do it on your own (plus any supplies you'd ever want/need).

This is definitely THE go-to event for Social Media Marketing. If you are looking to expand your business through any form of social media - FaceBook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, vlogging, podcasting, etc - this is a jam-packed event that is worth every penny.

Honestly, if you don't even attend the live workshops but just network and watch the replays, it's worth it. This is how I connected with rockstars like John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur on Fire), Pat Flynn (SmartPassiveIncome), Cliff Ravenscraft (Podcasting A to Z), and so many more. 

I love these little books!! For only $8/month, I get a new little 60-page flip book of all my instagram pictures. I go in and occasionally delete a few, but I really don’t do much at all. It’s an awesome little keepsake and the girls love flipping through them! Use this code to get your first book free: RGYCAMC3 

If you are planning your own "90 Day Road Trip" or camping adventure, check out RoverPass for easy booking and to learn all about your campground before you go!  Click here for an easy upgrade to get the most out of it. 

I'm constantly working on new gift guides and resources to add in - let me know your favorites!

*this post contains affiliate links. Bottom line, if it's not something I believe in, I don't promote it. If it IS, then it's no extra charge for you to click on an affiliate link, and I get a little bonus. For more info, please read our disclaimer

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