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Enjoy the silence

Recently, my mother-in-law shared an article with me about the impact of technology on the developing child, complementing us on how we don’t keep it on all the time in our family.  It was definitely an extremist viewpoint, but it made me think, and of course, my comments to my mother-in-law were lengthy enough I […]

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I just came off another incredible Coaching with Excellence event with my father’s company, 48 Days. In this event, Dad and I walk people through the process of how to be a coach and how to build a successful (and profitable) coaching business. I had a blast presenting my specialty – personality profiles and how […]

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A week in our home

I’ve been on this unschooling adventure for a while now and I am the first to say that we don’t have much of a schedule.  Part of our reason for unschooling is due to how extremely opposite it is to the traditional school environment.  Our learning isn’t separated into subjects, and our day is not […]

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