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How To Recharge Beyond Vacation (Episode 164)

 How do you recharge on a regular basis…or, do you just cram it all in to that 2-week vacation and hope that’ll cover it? 

We’ve talked about how to communicate effectively, both in how to talk to others, and how to listen well

Do you make space to recharge in your life, or just hope you will have some "rollover minutes" at the end or on your vacation to finally breathe?

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Not Waiting for "One Day"

This week, we want to talk about how…and why…it’s important to recharge. Author Seth Godin says it succinctly here - “Instead of wondering when your next vacation will be, why not create a life you don’t want to escape from?

We’ve referenced this quote a lot, especially in regard to why we live the way we live, RVing the States full time with our family. We’ve talked about not waiting for “one day” and creating the life we thrive in as a main focus for this whole business. 

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And THEN...

And yet, our society prides itself on keeping our noses to the grindstone, toiling away day in and day out, to one day retire. And then….I’ll be happy. 

We say that comment in our home a lot - not in truth, really, but more of a perspective of what really makes us happy. If only we get x…THEN we’ll be happy.

How often do we put our happiness on hold until we can take that moment to really soak it all in…yet…we never take the moment until we’ve forgotten how to appreciate it?

The Plight of the Entrepreneur

It’s not just those in the traditional model that struggle with keeping their nose to the grindstone. An entrepreneur may not have any boundaries in place - the sky is the limit…both with their income, as well as their time to work on it. I've written before about how working from home is overrated, and there are plenty of things entrepreneurs have to navigate when no one else is looking over their shoulder telling them what to do. 

When you make your own schedule and the sky is the limit, it can also feel like there never is a break. If you don’t intentionally schedule in time to recharge, it’s not going to happen. There will always be one more work thing to do, trust me. I’m living proof of this model, and how important it is to add in recharge moments not just once a year, but weekly, and even daily. 

Are you up to your optimal performance?

Oftentimes, by the end of the day, what we end up giving our family are the crumbs that are left over from being pulled and maxed all day. There are a lot of things going on - and every person in your family has different needs and demands. It can be very hard to set aside that time to recharge. 

Yet, just like Nathan shared on the podcast about learning how to get to “optimal performance” as a realtor and give his clients excellence, he took that same model back to our home. In order for us to give each other excellence, for us to really bring that peace and ease in our homes that we want, it’s critical that we prioritize time to recharge and don’t just set it aside and hope we’ll get to it “one day.”

Your Personality Makes A Difference

Different personality styles are going to recharge in a variety of ways. It’s not that there is one exact way to recharge, and what works for another may not work for you. 

So with understanding DISC personality styles, I can share some motivators like this:

  • A high D may recharge by time-blocking an intense work block to knock out and complete something - and not only is the work process part of the refuel, but the accomplishment of checking it off the to-do list is a great energy boost. Or, a D-style person may go for a run or do some form of exercise…maybe competing against their personal best. Feeling a sense of achievement and accomplishment is a great way for this style to recharge.
  • A high I style may look to others as their energy boost. They love being around people, so when they are stressed and maxed out, chatting with a friend, shopping, or otherwise engaging with others can be a welcome relief.
  • An S personality style will need some space to recharge - to have an opportunity to simply receive without reciprocity. S’s tend to be the supportive, nurturing roles, so they tend to give to their own detriment if they aren’t careful. So taking time to read a good book, take a nap, or even enjoy a TV show is a great little recharge for an S to take a little, rest a little, and then be ready to show up and support fully.
  • And a C style needs allllll the space. Literal blank space. It’s a beautiful thing. Sometimes Cs can get so lost in all the details they completely lose sight of the big picture. Sometimes the in-your-face shift of actually getting up and intentionally looking at a blank space helps to reset and pull a C back to the bigger picture and get out of the weeds of details. When I’m at my computer all day, it does wonders to just take a break every hour, walk outside and feel the ground beneath my feet and see the vastness of the big beautiful sky…with tons of space to just be. 

But I Don't Have Time To Recharge!

Riiiiiight. We all have the same hours in the day. You have to be honest with yourself. Do you really not have time, or have you simply not made it a priority? 

In the podcast, Nathan shared about what he saw in the real estate world…so many people working hard “for the family”…and what the family experienced of them was either their absence or their exhaustion. 

Think about how many marriages fail in our society - how many people run to others and have affairs. That time to steal away and not only have an affair, but the energy to create a relationship like that outside of your home…that shows that it’s not about not having the time, it’s about not making it a priority.

What if you switched that, and, instead of having an affair with someone else, you simply looked at stealing away to get to know yourself better, and to recharge your own body, mind and soul?

Life Balance is a Lie

It’s not about finding balance in everything - that means we have to find equality in everything, and that’s just not the truth of how life goes. Instead of calling it balance, I love to think of it as Life Harmony. 

Think about harmony - harmony accentuates the melody. Our melody of life is ongoing, but the harmony comes in and out to add to the beautiful song. So can you harmonize your life where some things may be louder at some times, but it’s the rhythm of the melody that carries you, and all the different areas of your life create the harmony to your song. 

Instead of looking at life balance as a seesaw, look at life harmony and create your own song.

Your Weekly Challenge:

How are you writing your story?

What type of life do you want to live, and how are you going to get there?

What little things can you do to make it happen?

How are you recharging? 

How are you adding those little elements to allow you to really inhale and exhale every single day?

Once you learn how to refill your own coffers, then you know when you’re being your best or your worst - you are in control of that. The more we can understand about our own personality styles we can stay encouraged and shine in our best light…and see it in others. The uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us. Namaste. 

Nathan and Ashley Logsdon

Questions or comments?

Personality styles, marriage/intimacy, parenting, education, minimalism or travel - what is pressing on your mind?

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Ashley Logsdon

Ashley Logsdon is a Family and Personality Styles Coach and Lifelong Learner. She and her husband Nathan are RVing the States and unschooling their 3 girls. Her mission is to shift the mindsets of families from reaction to intention, and guide them in creating the family they love coming home to. Looking deeper than the surface, we assess the strengths, triggers, and simplifying your lifestyle so you truly recognize how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us. Join the Mama Says Namaste Facebook Group

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