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Full-time RVing as a Family (Episode 197)

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Have you ever considered full-time RVing for your family? It can seem like a pretty daunting thing,'s possible. Oh so possible. We're living proof that not only can you do it, you can thrive and really have a blast! 

It's not that everything is easy, though. Let's dig in to some of the highs and lows of full-time RVing as a family. 

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Hitting The Road

First and foremost, when you dream up something big, like full-time RVing, most likely you see the big picture, but how do you even begin to start? In the podcast episode above, Nathan and I share more about our "why" for hitting the road and what prompted us to embark on this endeavor. 

90 Day Family Road Trip

Two years into it, we'd seen all of the lower 48 states and learned a thing or two about what has worked...and what we've learned the hard way. So much so, that when my producer friend proposed creating a course on it, I jumped at the opportunity! 

Thus 90 Day Family Road Trip was born to really break down the questions to ask yourself before you hit the road. Why 90 days? Well, have you ever tried something out for 90 days?It's amazing what it does to break through what you think you can accomplish, get past that "honeymoon phase" and really take a good look at whether this is a fit for you and your family. After 90 days, you've broken through any perceived glass ceiling on your ability to live in an RV for longer than a vacation. After 90 days, there is no doubt you've experienced not only some of the great "ups" of full-time RVing, but you've also experienced some "downs" - and you're way more educated in this decision for something longer-term. 

Since we've been traveling as the @FieldTripGypsies, we already had the educational theme for our unschooling family. So we thought we'd add another great thing with school beyond field trips, and that's RECESS! Here is a quick summary of the acronym we cover in that course:

  • R - Ride (What type of RV is best for your family)?
  • E - Expectations (What is your "why"? What does an ideal day look like for you?)
  • C - Choose your own adventure (How to plan your path)
  • E - Expenses (what is your exit strategy, and how will you create income on the road?)
  • S - Set-up (Setting up and taking down camp is a process - we'll show you how to make it happen smoothly)
  • S - Satisfaction (little tips and tricks to make it even easier, like what memberships give you what, travel hacks, and more!)

The bottom line is this. You can have the best laid plans; the perfect RV, your road trip mapped out, and campgrounds booked...but if you aren't on the same page as a family, you're at risk for a miserable experience. Living in close quarters allows us little wiggle room to hide from our problems - the more you all can be on the same page and clearly communicate, the better.

don't wait for one day - start travel now

All the Logistics

There are so many logistics to keep in mind while you're on the road. Covering all the bases can be overwhelming - and once you've done the steps to actually doesn't mean decision time is over. 

Thankfully, there is so much to help you walk through this and create some systems for your sanity! We all approach things differently, and some of you will need more things scheduled and planned, while others thrive in the 'fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants' approach. 

So you know you want to full-time RV, travel with your family more, or experience tiny living in some other form. How to really do it? Some of my friends in the full-time RVing world have put together a great event you can attend from anywhere - the RV Family Virtual Summit!

With topics like these, they cover so many questions about how to really make it work for your family - and the best part is it's free if...if you get in this week! 

Their amazing lineup of guest speakers will be sharing their 75+ years of combined knowledge, strategies and tips with YOU! If your goal is to get on the road, go father this year or take the next step in your RV Family adventure.... this is a great first step.

Full-time RVing - the Daily Life

So let's assume you've hopped in - you're full tilt and ready to make this happen. 

All of the topics above - the course, the summit, the amazing communities out there - they are all the "book-smarts" you need. With the beauty of the internet, as long as you have wifi, any answer is a finger tap away. 

However. It's not just covering all things RV-related. When you get into the swing of what RVing is going to be like for your family, then you're looking at the daily life. What happens when the pizazz is over? What happens when you're facing serious decision fatigue? How do you keep your sanity, not bust your budget, and relax beyond a jam-packed agenda?

Daily life in an RV has a key similarity to daily life in a "sticks & bricks" house. They both require intention and planning to create the environment - and life - you thrive in. Down days are just as critical in an RV as they are in your stationary life.

You'll have all kinds of insights and tips as to how over 75 different families have created a lifestyle out of this just by going through the summit and course above. Yet the number one way you will fully know how it will work for you and your family is to get in there and live it. Hands-on life application is critical.

90 day family road trip seth godin

Your Challenge:

First and foremost, you need that family vision. If you listened to the podcast, you heard us stress how "it'll always remain 'one day' until you put a date on it." You have to take action, and you'll be much better equipped to take action when you're clear on what you want, why, and how to get there!

So sit down and take a fresh look at where you are right now, and where you want to be. And start that conversation with your family if you haven't yet, or if it's time to re-assess.

If you've been interested about full-time travel, now is a great time to really explore the ropes. Start with the RV Family Virtual Summit - there will even be live family panels on these topics:

  • Telling your family you are hitting the road
  • Downsides and upsides of full time travel with kids
  • What is the cost of RV living?
  • Traditional Homeschooling
  • Traveling with teens: Real concerns and solutions for older children
  • Unschooling
  • Documenting your story: Should you start a blog/YouTube/social channel?
  • Intimate (Sex) time in the RV when you have kids
  • RV trip planning memberships, tools and tips
  • Making money on the road: How do you afford this lifestyle.

Right now you have ticket options to get in and view this live for free! So be sure to register ASAP.

Second, explore the 90 Day Family Road Trip course. This would be accessible to you forever, and gives you all those logistics in an easy process that can be broken down into action steps to cover. 

And finally, ask me! What other questions do you have? What else is holding you back from taking this adventure with your family? What do you want to hear more about on the podcast?

Our travels have afforded us the incredible opportunity to meet and observe walks of life from all over the country - and we're more diverse than you may realize! And yet even in our diversity we can find beautiful common ground in our humanity. The more you can move forward confidently with knowing who you are and what you want in life, the more you can also celebrate that in others, highlighting how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us! Namaste

don't wait for one day - start travel now
About the author, Ashley Logsdon


Ashley Logsdon is a Family and Personality Styles Coach and Lifelong Learner. She and her husband Nathan are RVing the States and unschooling their 3 girls. Her mission is to shift the mindsets of families from reaction to intention, and guide them in creating the family they love coming home to. Looking deeper than the surface, we assess the strengths, triggers, and simplifying your lifestyle so you truly recognize how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us.

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