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Personality Styles

Connected…or Codependent? (Episode 196)

Are you connected… or codependent in your relationship? Codependency has definitely come more and more to the forefront as a hot topic. So how do you balance your connection in a way that isn’t codependent? Or, is it a really a bad thing to be codependent? Let’s break down what it means, what is healthy,

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The Unschooling Parent (Episode 194)

When it comes to our relationship with our children, there are many, many ways to parent. Throwing in alternative education magnifies the role as educator in your home and can make it even more overwhelming to figure out how to be both parent and teacher. That’s why an unschooling model isn’t just for kids – it’s

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My Better Version – Mindfulness for Parents with Tatyana Souza (Episode 193)

Do you feel you are really representing the best version of who you are? Are you connecting to your family from a place of fulfillment, knowing you are taking care of yourself along the way? Are you setting the example for mindfulness and self-care that you want your children to emulate? Inspired by yoga training and

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What’s Left Unsaid – Nonverbal Cues (Episode 192)

Have you considered how much is unsaid that speaks so loudly? There have been studies showing that over 55% of all messages come from nonverbal cues like posture and gestures.  As we seek to move from communication to connection, you have to go beyond simply the words and address the nonverbal cues that impact us so

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3 Steps For A Family Team (Episode 168)

Are you trying to keep afloat in a child-centered home? When you think of your family, do you consider them a team, all working together, or everyone beating to the rhythm of their own drum? Can you actually support individualism while establishing yourself as a family team?can you move from a child-centered home to a

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How Do I Bond With My Child? (Episode 167)

It is here – our first of the “Ask Me Anything” podcasts! This week we address the question, “How do I bond with my child?” as well as share some quick advice for people dealing with quarantine and/or small spaces at this time.How do I bond with my Child? First, I meet them where they

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Self-Love, or Self-Sabotage? (Episode 152)

So much of my coaching focuses on the relationships we have with others…however, at the core of it all, is our relationship with ourself. How are you doing when it comes to self-love? Are you loving yourself well and celebrating the beauty within, or are you stuck in self-sabotage and stuck in a spiral not

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Tendencies, Unmet Expectations & Personality Clashes (Episode 137)

How do you respond to expectations? From your partner, your boss, even your parents? It’s amazing how our behavioral tendencies can shape so much, including our perspectives and our ability to connect with others.Natural Tendencies can be your Insight into deeper connectionListen to this episode on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, YouTube, iHeartRadio or your RSS Feed  *Now also on the Pandora app and

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I Hate To Break It To Him… How to Communicate Effectively (Episode 130)

How do you communicate effectively? Think about this in your home and beyond. We talk a lot about personality styles on here, and the importance of understanding how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us. We’re going to share two key lessons to move from basic communication to true connection. Lack of communication

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Back To Basics – with Goals and Life! (Episode 129)

Did you start this year out with great intentions…and already feel the fizzle? It’s time to get back to the basics of it all. Taking a goal and breaking it down to the acronym of BASICS is a great way make sure your goals are not only measurable and attainable, but that you stay motivated

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The Top Qualities for a Successful Marriage (Episode 123)

What are the top qualities you need for a successful marriage? Dr. Laura Berman shares some based on research and studies, and we add in our own critical essentials for a successful, happy and healthy relationship!In this episode and post below, you’ll find all kinds of resources to rock your marriage – so dig in

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Natural Consequences, Discipline…or Punishment

What does discipline look like in your home?  You know that mistake of “please, grant me more patience?”  If you’ve seen Evan Almighty you may remember this scene: What “opportunities” for patience do you have going on in your own home?  I have to say, a huge “opportunity” is dealing with toddlers…and especially “threenagers”!  Yes, they

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10 Essential Lessons In Life: Natural Consequences

Natural consequences are a booger.  Boy is it a lesson in patience, learning things the hard way, and so much more.  But you know what?  It matters.  Natural consequences allow us to fully experience and comprehend what works and what doesn’t.  And this is our lesson for the week. Lesson #3: Every Action Has A

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We all define personality by these adjectives that describe us - what if we were intentional about what those were? Create your own words and let them be your mantra.

Define Yourself With Intention: Our Perspective Shapes Our Personality

Are you focused on intentional living, and wondering what personality quizzes there are to help you, or if learning about personality styles even matters? Check this out. How do you define personality? Do you have all kinds of labels and descriptors you use when you talk about your family?   If you are anywhere close to my

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gifts for every personality style

Gift Ideas for Every Personality Style (Episode 80)

If you’re stumped on what to get your loved ones as gifts, this is the episode for you. Not only do we give you gift ideas for every personality style, I have a full blog post with 31 gifts listed to make it super simple for you to snag that perfect gift. In this episode, we

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In The Doing, Your Being Becomes

All about DISC GraphsThe past few weeks I’ve addressed the personality styles and shared some tips on how to connect with your children in a way that resonates with them. Now, I want to talk about the graphs. When you do a full profile with me, you’ll find three graphs. You’ll see that typically 1-3

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Dot Your i’s and cross your t’s – The High C Personality Style

All about the conscientious styleShe is calculated, witty and doesn’t miss a beat. She spends hours upon hours drawing intricate designs, and is content to doodle the details alone in her room all day. It’s not enough to get an answer to something, she has to know the reason behind the answer and make sure

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Never Confuse Kindness for Weakness – The High S Style

All about the Steady styleAhh, the S style. Sympathetic, kind, calm and steady. When I envision an S personality style, I immediately think of their gift: comfort. They are the ultimate nurturers, humanitarians, supporters and philanthropists. There is no question what Mother Theresa’s personality style was. Typically reserved and introverted, a high S style is

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Precocious People Person At Your Service: The High I Style

All about the Inspiring styleI couldn’t get too mad at her.  She was so innocent about it.  She was a just turned four-year-old who wanted so badly to be an artist like her sister.  And, she would wake up in the wee hours of the morning.  What’s a precocious, curious, smart little girl to do,

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myers-briggs personality test

Personality Test For Kids

Why Do A Personality Quiz For My Child?If you’ve ever done a search for “personality test for kids,” my guess is you didn’t come up with much. For all the personality tests for adults that are out there, one would think there would be more on learning about who your children are before they grow

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dennis waitley thinking alike

7 Seconds Will Change Your Communication and Connection (Episode 62)

We are going to dive into who we are – understanding your own personality style and those of your families. If you have two Ds in the family, what are some tips for helping them lead the way…and not taking over? We’re going to explore those high-energy styles of the D and I personality style

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Brene Brown perfectionism

Think Three Times, Speak Only Once (Episode 46)

This week we dig more into personality styles – steady, loyal, precise, factual…do any of these describe you or your child?  The saying “Think three times, speak only once” resonates with people who would rather sit back and observe, processing through their thoughts before acting on them.  The more you know these personality styles, the

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communication priorities

Communication, Connection, and Prioritizing – Where Is Your Spouse In Your Life?

In marriage…and in life…are you united or divided with your partner?  Communication is a tricky little thing that can be fickle and precise.  As I dive deep into “Laughter, Humble Pie & Lots of Sex” on my podcast, I want to tackle some issues that are coming up in the Mama Says Namaste FaceBook Group

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directive personality

There is Power In the Present Moment (Episode 6)

As visionaries, high Ds can be so driven that they miss what’s right in front of them. This is the sixth episode in the “Be The Good, See the Good” Series.   We will dive in to how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us, and learn how we can work in our

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10 Essential Lessons for Life: Remember to PLAY

The last thing I wanted to do yesterday was play in a tunnel.  Seriously, I’m not a huge fan of closed spaces, and here is a tunnel playground that this little campground is touting as the “biggest tube playground in Indiana.”  Um, no thank you.   But, when I saw this…. When I saw those

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little things

Little Things Kept Her From Sinking – It Can For You, Too

Sophie’s Story Oh, the little things.  She’s now in her thirties, looking back at all that has occurred over the past five years. Five years ago, she was starry-eyed, looking into the future and where she would be. Wrapped up in wedding plans, she dreamed of the family they would create together, and what life

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Focus, Awe, and not waiting for “One Day” – What Is Your Word?

Ahh, the last week of 2016. What has this year been like for you? Each year, I’ve picked a word that stands out to me. In 2015, that word was awe.  Last year, the focus was letting go of “one day” and experiencing life to the fullest right now in the present moment. Boy did

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Be Teachable – Get A Coach

As a coach, I have given presentations, done workshops, been on podcasts, coach, and blog regularly about how to live authentically in your strengths and truly connect with others.  One of the most powerful pieces of advice I have been given – and I share with others – is to always remain teachable.  If you

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Mamas, Stay in Namaste

  Namaste. What does that word mean to you? To me, it means the love, light, beauty and peace in my soul honors, respects and adores the love, light, beauty and peace in yours. But wow – do you really go around feeling all “Namaste” all the time? I know I don’t. Right now, I’m

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To All Teens Everywhere

I’ve had the opportunity to speak at several events lately on the DISC Personality Profiles.  Clearly this is my passion and such a backbone of understanding people as I speak on authenticity and connection.  Several years ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at Vanderbilt Virtual Academy.  I had 45 minutes each to speak to classrooms

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